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Why does the dynamic stability control and yellow brake warning lights stay on continuously on a 2002 BMW Z3 Roadster?

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October 13, 2009 2:40AM


The dynamic stability control is the active safety system used in BMW to control your car traction control. It controls the understeer or the oversteer of your car. Understeer means the front wheels going straight although you steer to right or left whereelse the oversteer happens when your rear wheel sliding out during cornering. On understeer the brake force applied to the rear in order to stabilize the car where as on oversteer the brake force applied on the front left or right depends where you are turning. If you turn right then the force will be on front left and vice versa.

The yellow brake warning lights stays on due to your brake pads being almost finished or your brake fluid level droped. Please check at the nearset workshop.

Those 2 lights came on together in my 2001 BMW Z3 because the steering arm positioning sensor under the drivers seat needed to be replaced. This is not an inexpensive fix at the service center. Runs about $600.