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Why does the engine cut off when slowing down?

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If your car is cutting off at when u stop change your plugs and plug wires out. If this doesn't stop the problem change out the mass airflow sinsor. thanks and good luck!


What is less expensive changing a bunch of parts (and possiblily installing a defective part) or taking it to an independent garage and have them troubleshoot it and replace the right part?


My car kept stalling out in traffic and when I called AAA they came and Checked and told me the O2 sensor holder had broken so the sensor was hanging loose; they attached it with a twist tie! Worked like a charm ever since and the twist tie is still there!


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How does an engine turn off?

Gasoline engine - spark is cut off when ignition is turned off Diesel engine- fuel is cut off when engine is shut down

What if the Car has hard time to get up and go Drive well on interstate While slowing down wants to cut off New Tuneup done Has Check Engine code 1127 1613 Elantra 1999?

Those codes are for a fueling problem and a failed engine computer. You may need to replace the computer.

Why would your car engine cut off while driving downhill?

why does it matter if you're driving down a hill? At least it didn't cut off when you were driving up a hill? And I don't know why it would cut off I'm 13.

With no spark plugs to cut power to in a diesel engine how does it turn off?

The fuel is cut off to the engine. With no fuel it stops running immediately.

Why does your Chevy Malibu turn off when slowing down?

Either the coils are no good or its misfiring

Where is the fuel cut off switch in a 1995 dodge caravan?

There is not a fuel cut off switch on a 1995 caravan. The fuel pump is electric and when the engine is not running or being started the fuel pump is shut down. So no need for a fuel cut off switch.

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Why does a fan stop immediately when you put off the switch?

It does not. It continues to rotate - slowing down gradually.

2003 Chevy cavalier engine shuts off when slowing down?

Chevy Cavalier is a shity car. Ditch and buy something of value. Then sell your Mama on e-bay. I hear she is hot.

Why tail lights go off when brakes are applied?

to warn the drivers behind your automobile that you are slowing down

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Car stops when slowing down or at a light?

Transmission may not be downshifting properly or one of the belt driven acessories could be putting to much load on engine. See if it happens with A/C, defroster and vents off, if not it could be your A/C compressor stalling the engine

Your 92 Chevy blazers abs light comes on when taking off from a stop but goes off when slowing down for a stop?

ask god

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Does the engine on 1996 ford fiesta have a safety cut off when airbag goes off?


Do land rovers has an engine cut off switch when runs out of oil?


Why does the heater cut your engine off?

Must be one heck of a short.

What can I do if my 1993 Ford Escort won't start and the check engine light and the fuel cut off switch light are both on?

Try resetting the fuel cut off switch and see if the engine will start

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1995 E350 diesel Engine shuts down intermittently. On The 7.3 what causes the engine to shut off when you turn the key to the off position?

The reason the engine shuts off intermittently is probably a crank position sensor, this is an electronic part which mounts on the front of the engine. When this goes bad the engine will sometimes just not work, or will work sometimes but then just dies. Fuel shut off is what happens when you turn the key off. The power to the fuel pump is cut which ends fuel flow to the engine.

Can a cam sensor causes engine to cut off while driving?


What causes car to shut off when slowing down or stopping on a 1999 Malibu?

Timing belt is close to breaking ....or belt is out of adjustment