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I think that happens when you are changing gears. If you make the engine goes to 3000 rpm and suddenly release the gas pedal and rapidly press down the clutch pedal. The rev would up. With very noisy sound. Isn't it?

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โˆ™ 2014-09-10 17:02:32
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Q: Why does the engine rev up when you push in the clutch sometimes and your foot is not on the accelerator you think it is the accelerator sticking How do you get this checked?
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Why doesnt Clutch disengage when pedal is depressed on my 1970 VW bettle?

Clutch plates are sticking - get your clutch checked you might need a new one

Your ford ka is revving like mad when you put the clutch in and when its driving it seems to be running very fast?

do you have mechanical linkage or accelerator cable. these may be dirty and need lube to stop them sticking. check for broken return spring on accelerator

What is the difference between a clutch and an accelerator?

vehicle wise, a clutch is to help you change gears and the accelerator is to accelerate the vehicle in the preferred direction (forwards/ Backwards). in a car the clutch is normally the foot pedal on the left and the accelerator is on the right. Both of the pedals are on either side of the break.

Clutch is sticking to the floor of your 1998 Honda civic only sometimes?

The clutch sticks to the floor sometimes if the pedal does not return to pressure plate, which has metal fingers arranged concentrically. YouÊneed to check the master clutch cylinder container to see if the fluid has all leaked out.

Which side is the clutch pedal in European cars?

same as an American car clutch brake accelerator

Clutch sticks down when driving once in a while why?

May be clutch cable sticking, clutch lever on the gearbox sticking or the actual friction plate in the clutch sticking on the shaft. the latter would probably mean taking the gearbox out to check. The clutch lever on box is easily oiled but usually the return from a clutch is great enough to pull it back but check anyway.

What causes a sticking pedal and how do you fix it?

Hey Michelle==It really depends on what kind of car but probably the clutch and brake pedals are binding where they pivot. and the accelerator is binding in the cable. Sometimes you have to completely remove them to properly lubricate them and replace the acc cable. GoodluckJoe losing presure in the rx-7 the clutch eases down to the floor Which pedal? If gas, I would lean toward a throttle bore cleaning.

Why your car Revs when Changing gears in a manual?

Perhaps you are not easing off on the accelerator when using the clutch. you would get this from a worn clutch .

Where is the clutch of a car located?

The clutch of a car is located on the left foot side of the bar. The brake is in the middle and the accelerator is on the right.

Clutch is sticking to the floor and has no pressure Toyota Camry?

Clutch fork or cable broken. it might have a hydrolic leak. Check the master in the clutch

Why does my car jerk after changing gear and accelerating?

have your transmission checked sometimes torque converter clutch isn t locking or unlocking properly

If your clutch was about to go would it be normal for the accelerator to make shuddering noises then die out completely or is it all related to the clutch or what are the symptoms of a dead clutch?

2 symptoms depending on what has worn: 1. The clutch itself. Engine revs under high load, the clutch slips. Take off in 2nd gear, let clutch right out and hit accelerator. 2. The disengage point sinks lower and lower. If you have a hydraulic clutch, a seal is leaking.

Do Formula 1 cars have pedals?

Yes, they have a brake and accelerator pedal but no clutch pedal

94 Jeep Wrangler Sahara clutch pedal is sticking in the up position and sporadically will not depress what could cause this?

It was the clutch master cylinder. It finally went completely out. I checked the slave cylinder, it looked and operated ok, so I assumed it was the master cylinder, I replaced it, it works now.

If you smell burning rubber and your clutch is sticking does that mean your clutch is going bad in your 05 Nissan Altima?

n, on the contrary, it means your clutch is alive and "sticky"

Why is the clutch pedal still sticking after clutch replaced in alpha romeo?

you need to change the spring in the clutch cylinder ,you find more info on at alfa .net

Where is the clutch pedal located in a car?

In a right handed vehicle the clutch is located at the left hand side. From left to right;;;;first pedal at left is clutch and second is foot break and the right leg pedal is the accelerator. In case of left handed vehicle they are in the same relative locations; accelerator on the right, brake in the middle, clutch on the left. Of course the vehicle will only have a clutch peddle if it is a standard shift.

Does manual transmission use your right foot for the brake and accelerator and your left foot for the clutch?


What is auto-clutch?

Auto clutch means a torque converter has two pedal drive and brake system so you have a brake pedal and accelerator that auto changes gears automatically. It makes it easier to drive.

Why does the clutch judder when cold?

If this happens when cold not when warm, check the clutch fork mechanism. It is attached to the clutch it looks like a long fork mechanism, grease it as it might be sticking when cold..

What is the difference between clutch control and coasting?

Is clutch control using the accelerator and simultaneously using the clutch to control the speed of the car and coasting is when your car is still moving but your foot is off the gas peddle completely but you're of the clutch peddle to slow down????

How do you rectify the problem with sticking clutch on Fiat Ducato 2.3 Van Is it the Master Cylinder causing the problem?

The clutch, if it is hydraulic, uses a master and a slave cylinder. They would both need to be checked for functionality. This could include new seals (in both) and complete flushing and bleeding of the system. The clutch may only require adjustment of the mechanism at the gearbox, but check the lot if in any doubt.

Why does my Kawasaki bayou 250 not have full power?

either not enough gas or spark or... i had the clutch sticking once. it would go but not really bad clutch

Do you hold the acceleratior while shifting?

Nope. Always lift the accelerator, Shift and then lower it again as you release the clutch.

What is wrong if the AC on a '98 Dodge Caravan won't operate unless you tap the AC clutch relay?

That sounds like a sticking clutch relay.