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Why does the fan on an HVAC unit kick on intermitently when the unit is turned off at the thermostat?


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With the thermostat in the off position, the answer would most likely be the fan control or fan switch. This would most likely occur during the summer when temperatures are higher. The function of the control in normal operation is to keep the fan going to extract the balance of the heat from the heat exchanger after the burner cycles off in a call for heat. If it is a Honeywell adjustable, you can hold the dial in place and adjust the pointer that is set to the "lower" temperature of the two pointers. You would increase the setpoint of the pointer a bit. If it is not adjustable, replacing the control would be the answer if you can't live with it.

Answer It continues to run after shut off for a minute or so to clean the lines of heat/cool air. It also runs intermittantly to recirculate air to filter dust out and even out the temperature. This will also happen in the winter if you have frost protection. External frost protection set point 0-5c internal set point can vary but normally about 8-12c.


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If it's a Mechanical thermostat it may be out of calibration or out of level.

Check the filter first -Improvement- The filter would only equate to less air flow through the vents. Here are some suggestions. -When you turn your thermostat to cooling, does the fan on the outdoor compressor kick on? If not, you need to check the capacitor in your unit. Also, check the fuses to the disconnect. If yes; -Check the refrigerant charge to your compressor. If you don't know how to do this, call a licensed HVAC technician.

On will turn the fan or blower on continuously and auto setting will kick off and on according to the temperature setting on the thermostat.

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Yes. Usually one fan or the other will be running when the A/C is turned on or in very hot weather. If one fan isn't providing enough cooling to satisfy the pre-programmed thermostat, then the 2nd fan will kick in automatically.

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The cooling fan may not kick when the car heats up due to dirty filters. Another reason can be a bad air pocket around the thermostat.

yes sometimes cause if it fails open the temp sensor will kick the light on tellin its too cold or opposite if the thermostat fails closed

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Assuming you're referring to the HVAC blower, and not the engine fan, it could be a bad relay, the blower motor could be seized or a solenoid burnt out, it could be bad wiring, it could be a problem with the control switch.

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