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I just replaced mine on a 97 cav z24 on 01/24/09. In the passenger side, remove the bottom panel that is under the glove box. On the blower motor (its circular and black you can't miss it) look for a white plug that connects to it (should be about 1/4 of an inch away from the firewall). The white plug is held to the blower by 2 5.5mm screws. Remove those 2 screws (there is one screw on each side of the plug and opposite of eachother), separate the wiring from it, connect it to the new part and replace it back in. It is a simple procedure thankfully. **You must have some sleek and small tools for the removal of the 5.5mm screws. There is extrely limited room and can't be done with a convential socket wrench or screw driver.** Let me know if you need more help with it.

the blower motor resistor is At Fault.each level of fan controler needs more voltage replacement should be very cost freindly. The above answer is correct. It is more than likely the Resistor Pack. They are not that expensive, especially if you can find one at a salvage yard. The hard part is finding it. Try and look in the component location section. You may find the location there. I would suspect that if you have it replaced at a dealership, it may run as high as $200. Most of this will be labor. Try removing the glove box and look around behind it. Good hunting. the location of this part is like all resistors for heating mounts to heater duct box. this being passenger side close to fire wallunder dash with two screws holding inplace close to blower motor

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Q: Why does the fan to the heater only work on high on a 96 Chevy Cavalier?
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Why does heater fan work only on high on your 2001 Chevy cavalier?

try replaceing the switch that controls the low to high for heater It's gonna be the blower motor resistor (near the blower motor).

Why could cause the heater in 1994 Chevy Cavalier to blow cold air only?

Either the linkage from the temp control unit to the valve on the heater core (which is behind the radio and temp controls) or it is the heater core itself.

Why would you smell gas in a 1995 Chevy Cavalier only when the heater is on?

Possible leak in gas line. Must be some sort of air leak in the heater box under the hood. Heater is pulling fumes into car through the leak in it.

Will an alternator on a 1995 Chevy cavalier work in a 1999 Chevy z24 cavalier?

2.2L Altenator on a 2.2L, AND, 2.4L on a 2.4L ONLY!

Why does your heater fan run on high only in your 2007 Chevy Cobalt?

Blower motor resistor defective

How many transmission filters are there in a 1986 Chevy Cavalier?

There is only one.

Does a 1997 Chevy Cavalier have a temperature control cable?

If you are refering to the Hot/Cold knob on the inside of the car on the AC/Heater,,,,yes,,, that is the only knob operated by a cable the rest of them are either vacuum or electric

1995 Chevy cavalier Z24 Why does your car run hot when you turn off your heater?

The heater core is basically a small radiator located inside your car. If your "real" radiator isn't working quite as it should, then the heater can carry some of that load. Then if you turn the heater off the engine will run hot when it's only got the bad radiator left to cool it.

1992 Chevy suburban heater switch only works on high speed?

There is a resistor/ circuit board near the heater motor that need to be replaced. You can get one from almost any auto parts store.

1995 Chevy 1500 heater run on high only?

The blower motor speed resistor is burned out. That part is available from your local auto parts store.

How do you fix a head gasket in a 1998 Chevy cavalier?

The only repair is to replace the head gasket.

Where is the Fuel shutoff switch for 2000 Chevy cavalier?

The only fuel cut off is in the computer

Do you put antifreeze in the surge tank of a cavalier?

You can put anti-freeze into the search tank of your Chevy Cavalier. Newer Chevy Cavaliers have a sealed radiator and the search tank is the only place you can put anti-freeze into the system.

Heater only works on high speed?

The heater motor speed resister is burned out.

Why does the heater in your 1994 Chevy Cavalier only blow out cold air?

The heater core is plugged. The thermostat is stuck closed. Antifreeze/coolant level is low. The water pump is not working properly. Check the cheapest things first. Check fluid levels. See if the fluid is circulating well. If okay, replace thermostat. If still cold replace heater core.

What if your heater in 2003 cavalier is blowing out of front only what is wrong with it?

the control cable probably came off the connector

Where is the heater relay on a 1994 Chevy S-10?

The only relay in the heater system would be for the high speed function of the blower motor. That rely would be located under the hood, on the firewall, close to the blower motor resistor.

Is there a relay switch for the heater on a 1994 Chevy truck?

Only for the high speed blower function. The lower speeds go thru the blower motor speed resister.

Why does the ACHeater blower only run on high in your '96 Chevy Cavalier?

Blower motor resistor is bad. It is a little circuit board with resistors on it that changes voltage to the blower motor. When it goes bad, you get full speed only.

Why would a 2001 Chevy Blazer heater only blow cold air?

Low coolant in the system. Defective heater control valve. Clogged heater core.

Does the 2001 Chevy Cavalier Z24 have a V6?

Only came with a 2.2 or 2.4-both 4 cyls.

What is the transmission oil capacity on a 1998 Chevy Cavalier?

It is 5.5 litres, draining the pan only and filter.

What kind of trans fluid for 1988 Chevy cavalier 5 speed?

synchromesh its a dealer only fluid.

Will 185 70 r14 tires fit on a Chevy cavalier?

Only if your rims are 14 inch rims.

97 f250 heater only works on high is this a problem with the heater resisitor block?


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