Why does the floor board of your 1995 Corvette get soaking wet after a rain when there are no leaks on the window or door gaskets?

== == There are any number of ways you can get water in the car after a rain. You did not say the location of the water. Driver side front, pass. side front, rear cargo area, in the storeage bin area? With out knowing where your water is, it will be impossible to give you a confirmed answer. The water could be running under the top and then coming in under the trim and finally onto the floor. Water could be leaking from around the windshield and hidding in the moulding and kick panels finally on the floor. The rear hatch window has no drain holes and the weather seal is the only thing stopping the water. If the glue has seperated and there is a gap, once again, the water can sneak in under trim and flow down to the floor and storage areas unseen. Take your car to a good body shop and they should be able to find the leak. Be warned, it may be costly.