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== == There are any number of ways you can get water in the car after a rain. You did not say the location of the water. Driver side front, pass. side front, rear cargo area, in the storeage bin area? With out knowing where your water is, it will be impossible to give you a confirmed answer. The water could be running under the top and then coming in under the trim and finally onto the floor. Water could be leaking from around the windshield and hidding in the moulding and kick panels finally on the floor. The rear hatch window has no drain holes and the weather seal is the only thing stopping the water. If the glue has seperated and there is a gap, once again, the water can sneak in under trim and flow down to the floor and storage areas unseen. Take your car to a good body shop and they should be able to find the leak. Be warned, it may be costly.

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What is the circuit board behind the drivers seat of an 81 Corvette?


Where can you find the fuse box for a 1980 corvette?

Under the dash board on the left (drivers side) on the firewall>

How do you remove window switches from 96 E320?

removeing main window power control board 1997 e320

How do you wire a starter on a 1976 Corvette?

I can explain in detail, Contact me in my message board and tell me what you know so far.

Where is the window fuse for Lexus es300?

The window fuse is a 30amp behind the coin holder driver's side dash board.

How do you tune my 1968 chev corvette 327 engine?

Are you looking for the specs. or more. Let me know on my board I will try to help.

Why does Horn on 1998 corvette convertible intermittently work?

The reason for the problems with the horn on the Corvette could be attributed to a faulty fuse or horn relay. This can be located in the fuse and relay box that is located under a panel on the passenger side floor board.

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Which fuse controls the rear view mirror lights in 2001 corvette?

I believe it is #42 in the floor board fuse panel on the passenger side

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How do you change window switch on passenger side Chevy Venture?

just pull the switch board out then there is a cable in the board just pull it out to diss connect it

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1987 corvette and one half of the dash board doesn't light the half with the tachometer is out?

I don't know how old your question is, but you could have bad bulbs or the circuit board might be damaged. If you are handy you can repair it yourself or sent it to technicar in Fla and they will repair it. I can help if you need it

How do you describe the steps taken to board up a broken window?

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How do you remove the seats from a 1987 Chevy Corvette?

look around the bottom of the seat their should be bolts leading through the floor board take those out (their should be 4 of them) and just remove the seat.

Where do you find the on-board diagnostics for a 2007 corvette C6?

Head on over to and in the archive section type in "diagnostics" and you will pull up the steps for all of the years that apply. Good luck!

Where the in side fuse box for a 1999 corvette?

You have a fuse box under the carpet in the front passenger's front floor board and another fuse box under the hood in front of the passenger's side.

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How do you reset a 1991 corvette instrument cluster after you have installed a new one My tackometer and gauges don't work?

Did you replace it with the correct cluster ? the later ones are not compatible. You can replace the circuit board with a new one

How do you remove the fuse panel board from the fire wall on 1977 corvette?

look under the hood on the back side of the fuse box where it hooks up to the engine wiring harness there is a screw in the center of this connector.

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