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Possible bad ground, maybe problem with the rheostat in the fuel tank-part of sending unit pump assy. I believe.

Ford Taurus Gas Gauge - FLEX FUEL
I also had a zero reading on my 2001 Ford Taurus flex fuel car gas gauge.(common) I read all the stuff on the net about the flex fuel sensor so I decided to do that first.$53.83 at dealership.#YF1Z-14A069-AA WIRING ASY is what is on the package. It solved my problem.

Sometimes referred to as a fuel pump driver module

Here is a site with photos

Easy replacement. If I were young and flexible I would not have had to remove the radio just to see it. I did the replacement with radio back in place. 8mm wrench and one bolt.

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Q: Why does the fuel gauge work erratically on a 2002 Ford Taurus?
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