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Why does the fuse keep blowing after connecting the wires to a very old aftermarket horn?


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2004-10-21 13:41:41
2004-10-21 13:41:41

the horn should be hooked up to a relay, horns generaly require to much current for a fuse


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are they spining if not fuse, relay or wires to it could be blowing out

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it has to do with your radio. i put a aftermarket radio in my 3k and some wires on the harness were exposed and kept grounding them selves out. make sure all your wires are insulated. it could also be the orange wires on the radio harness, they are for illumination i just cut them and wrapped them.

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You have a short somewhere in that circuit if the fuse blows soon after replacing it check the condition of the wires in that circuit

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check tow hitch wiring for bear wires

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