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the horn should be hooked up to a relay, horns generaly require to much current for a fuse

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โˆ™ 2004-10-21 13:41:41
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Q: Why does the fuse keep blowing after connecting the wires to a very old aftermarket horn?
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Lancer wont blow any air out of fans?

are they spining if not fuse, relay or wires to it could be blowing out

What is the most likely problem causing a 15 amp fuse to keep blowing on a 1996 3000gt When I turn on the headlight switch the fuse blows and it takes out the tail lights and the dash lights.?

it has to do with your radio. i put a aftermarket radio in my 3k and some wires on the harness were exposed and kept grounding them selves out. make sure all your wires are insulated. it could also be the orange wires on the radio harness, they are for illumination i just cut them and wrapped them.

Why is the number 11 fuse blowing in the car system?

You have a short somewhere in that circuit if the fuse blows soon after replacing it check the condition of the wires in that circuit

Your 99 astro keeps blowing up stop fuse?

check tow hitch wiring for bear wires

Why does my Ford Fiesta 51 reg keep blowing the central locking fuse?

wires in the arch of the door probably fried

Fuse for dash lights blowing after installing aftermarket radio need suggestion or radio wiring diagram on 86 300zx?

Must be that you are using the old speaker wiring that is COMMON GROUND wired. Aftermarket Radio will not like that sort of wiring for speakers. You need to run new wires at least to the rear speakers or I would do all 4 just cause the wiring is old.

Why does the ECM fuse keep blowing in your 95 Buick Regal Custom?

Shorts are what come to mind. Try to follow your wires and check for cuts or bare wires. Good Luck!

Motor comp fuse keeps blowing in 93 maxima shutting the car down what could be the problem?

A fuse blows when there is a short in the system check for broken or fraid wires

Got an 1987 Nissan maxima and the damned thing keeps blowing the fuses for the dash lights and everything goes cause one fuse keeps blowing....any suggestions?

short in the wiring behind your aftermarket radio

Why does your ignition e fuse keep blowing on your Chevy Trailblazer?

Sounds like a short in the wires somewhere. you will need a diagram & have to trace them.

Vauxhall vivaro 15a stop fuse blowing?

Fix the fault blowing the fuse.

Can you replace a 20 amp fuse in your car with a 25 amp due to the fuse keep blowing?

Yes you can but you are setting yourself up for a big problem. There is a reason the 20 amp fuse is blowing. By installing a bigger fuse it allows the current that is causing the 20 amp fuse to blow to stay in for a longer period of time. This can cause excessive heating and melting of the wires on the circuit that is blowing on a 20 amp fuse. Trace the wire and find the fault. Always use the manufacturer's recommended fuse sizing for your own protection.

What could cause fuel pump to keep blowing fuses in Pontiac transport?

You have a bare wire that keeps shorting out & blowing the fuse, I had the same problem. The wire is the one that runs from the fuse to the fuel pump. The casing has melted away and now the wires are touching.

Why does my tail light FUSE keep blowing out.?

It Was EasyYou have a short in your wires or a bad switch that you need to replace. If you have a CD player you may need to make sure no bare wires are showing.

How come your fuse for your instrument lights keeps blowing in your crx?

There can be several things that can cause your instrument panel light fuse to blow. The most common reason is crossed wires that have corroded together.

Why is your Yamaha virago 250 blowing fuse?

Which fuse is blowing? Yamaha XV250 Virago Manual

Fuse blowing on ford 1995?

Which fuse is blowing. You need to be a little more specific so we can help you. the ignition fuse under the hood

The automatic seatbelts on my 89 240sx quit working the control box under the center console is good but the fuse keeps blowing what could cause the fuse to keep blowing?

A short in any part of the wiring or in the motor itself can cause the fuse to keep blowing. Don't try a bigger fuse you can start a fire that way. follow the wires from the control box to the seat belt motor and the to the fuse box. If there is any damaged wire replase it with the same gauge wire.

Why does wiper fuse keep blowing?

If your wiper fuse keeps blowing, there is either a short or a "dry connection" in your wiring, or the earth/ground wire isn't making a good contact, try getting a wiring schematics/ diagram and check your wires for any sign of shorting out or corrosion damage. Never put in a larger fuse as this will cause your wires to burn and can cause insulation on your wires to melt and possibly cause a fire! Mice can also get into your car to nest and they could also chew your cables. this happened to my brother.

Would a battery going bad cause a fuse to keep blowing out?

not usually!!if fuse is blowing out check for short!!

Can you ground 2 wires to one bolt in a car?

Yes there is absolutely no problem with grounding two wires to one bolt. Just make sure they both ground wires and one isn't a power wire, you will end up blowing a fuse if you do.

Tail lights fuse keeps blowing?

you've got a short. probably best to take it to a garage unless you're experienced at checking and changing wires.

Why does the Fuse for the parking lights keep blowing in a 1995 jeep Cherokee sport?

bad ground, check wires to see if they are cut/torn/melted etd.

Does a aftermarket car stereo come with a fuse?


Why do my abs fuse keep blowing?

Obviously, if any fuse keeps blowing there is a serious fault in that circuit.Take it somewhere they can fix it.