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Q: Why does the gray whale look so old?
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How does the grey whale protect itself?

The gray whale does not have to protect itself from predators. It is so large that it does not have any natural predators.

How can you tell how old a bear is?

Maybe by how it moves like slowly or energetic or if you look in the eyes there might be some gray in them so maybe you can they are old.

What body part does the gray whale give birth with?

Whales are mammals, so they give birth as other mammal - vaginally.

A gray whale can be up to 540 inches in length how many feet is that?

There are 12 inches in a foot, so just divide 540 by 12 to get your answer.

What are the types of whale?

All right. There are a lot of whales out there, but I'm just going to list the 10 types of whales found in North America. So here they are! Blue Whale Fin Whale Minke Whale Humpback Whale Gray Whale Right Whale Sperm Whale Killer Whale The Narwhal (that one is from the whale family) White Whale So there you have it. Those are all the whales that are found in North America. Hope it helped!

What does it means when your young and have gray hair?

It means the melenin in the roots of your hair is no longer producing enough pigments so your hair will turn gray. Its OK I've had grey hair since I was 8 years old now I look 35 at 16

Why does pubic hair turn gray?

when you get old, your hair turns gray/white. so all of your hair (including pubic hair) will be like that

What does a babie whale look like?

the are so cute and so small.......

Are actresses Linda Gray and Erin Gray related If so how?


Do all old peoples hair turn gray?

No not all old peoples hair turn gray. Some old people stay looking young. Yes. As we get older our follicles stop producing the colour for our hair so it turns gray but there are dyes and a lot of people use them.

Does a whale shark have eyes?

Yes. Their bodies are so large that the eyes look really small. But they are there.

Who looks like a whale?

Whales look like whales, but so do some dolphins and porpoises.

What does the expression the gray army mean?

It usually refers to people who are old. So many old people as once are "The Grey Army"

Does gray match blue?

Absolutely! Gray can look dark, so make sure both colors are light to avoid yuckyness. My room is light blue and gray and it looks great. Hope this helped!

Why does my 17 year old son have gray hair?

He is young so I would say that he has inherited it from someone in the family. It is not uncommon for young people to get gray hair so try not to worry.

Is a whale shark a whale or shark or mammal or a fish?

A whale shark is a type of shark. Sharks are fish, so therefore so is the whale shark.

What would the kittens of a gray cat and a brown tabby cat look like?

they would (probably) look can of a darky gray color. not so sure's impossible to know......good luck with ur kittens!!!(:

How can you tell the age of a African gray parrot?

Once it is a year or so old, you can't.

What is being done to help the gray whales?

One way that whale helping-people help whales is by pushing beached whales back into the ocean with bulldozers. Whale-helpesr also keep people who want to kill whales on the beach so they do not swim into the ocean.

How old was his dad when his dad died?

When his dad died, his dad was old. But not an old old. One of those semi-old people who aren't really old but look like they are ANCIENT. He was semi-old in the sense that his hair was just beginning to turn gray, with speckles of dandruff. And old all over his face. So probably like, ummm old. Or 38, either one.

If you have dark brown hair can you dye it gray because you are over 50 and don't look your age?

That's a new one. I'm 65 (very little gray hair) and most of my girlfriends as well have their hair streaked. I have not heard one of them ever want to look their age at 50 and have their hair dyed gray. I have heard of one of my girlfriends that has a lot of gray saying she is going to let it grow out and be totally gray. We'll see how long that one lasts! LOL You are only as old as you feel. Few women have nice silvery gray hair so it would make you look a lot older than 50. If you are persistent about it I am sure your hairdresser would be happy to comply, but it will be hard on your hair as they'll have to bleach it right out.

What color eyes does Katniss Everdeen have?

I did some research and most sites say that they are gray. Katniss has The Seam look, which is typically dark brown hair and gray eyes. So, this means she has gray eyes. Gale, also being from The Seam, has gray eyes and dark hair. Prim doesn't have the look because their mother wasn't originally from The Seam. Hope this helps!

Why do so many celebrities especially on TMZ wear black and or gray?

So they can look more ominous. It's really for publicity.

How old was millie?

In the song 'Not For the Life of Me: Reprise' Millie says the line, "Old and gray at 29" so I'm assuming she's 29 years old!

Why are the largest living mammals confined to the sea?

The Blue Whale, the Fin Whale, the Humpback Whale, the Sperm Whale, and so on.