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Your front blower motor has gone out. There is a front and a rear blower motor.

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Q: Why does the heater for my 2003 Honda Pilot not blow hot air out of any vents in the front but the rear vents blow hot air?
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How do you know which heater core you need to replace on a 94 ford aerostar front or rear you have heat but no defrost and stream comes out of the vents when heat is on?

Front heater core is in the dash, the rear heater core is all the way in the back of the vehicle. If you have steam coming out of the dash vents, the front HC is leaking. If you have steam coming out of the rear heater vents, then the rear core is leaking.

Why is there smoke and a piss smell coming from the front vents on a Lincoln Navigator?

you need a new heater core

What is the smoky smell coming from vents when have either heat or AC on in 2000 dodge caravan?

your heater core is leaking anitfreeze! heatercoreleaks antifreeze into the heater & ac vents causing a burnt spell & oily film on the front window.

Why does air or white smoke come out of the front vents?

Either the a/c system is freezing up or you have a leaking heater core.............

Why does your 2003 Honda Accord heater blow cold air through the defroster vents and warm air through the dash vents?

This means that you have either an issue with a vacuum line or one of the a/c - heater doors behind the dash is not working correctly and you need to start off at the a/c - heater controller to check that all positions are working...........

What are the Symptems of a bad heater core?

smoky mist coming from the heater vents.

What causes cold air to come out of air vents when heater not on?

The heater may not be on - but the fan still blows air through the vents when they're open !

What would cause heat not to come out of vents when set to floor and vents?

There are heater doors on the heat blower box that direct the path of the heat. Apparently the heater door to the floor vents is stuck closed.

In a 99 ford expedition Eddie baur the ac and heater blows though all the vents but not the vents in the front Any thoughts?

Check for a broken vacuum line by the battery. These lines get brittle and break with age.

Why on a 99 Chevy suburban would the back vents be blowing cold air when the temp in front and back are set on heat?

There is no heater matrix for the back air vents, only and evaporator for the A/C. My suburban always blowed cold until I added an extra rear heater matrix.

Why does no air come out of the vents?

heater fan broken.

Why do i have Water in front pass floor 2003 Lincoln town car?

1st bet: Does it smell like antifreeze? Leaky heater core. 2nd bet: Worse after rain or car wash? Leak under cowl vents (the vents in front of the windshield. Good luck!

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