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he is trying to make his self look good for cheating with mistress


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Firstly the wife knowing very well her husband has a mistress should not be having a sexual relationship with him and knowing full well he uses the same toys on the wife as the mistress is disrespectful and disgusting. The wife needs to get a spine and stand up to her husband and tell him he gives up the mistress and goes to marriage counseling or he packs his bags; gets out and the wife files for divorce. Considering what the husband is doing he isn't worth keeping anyway.

I takes 2 to tango. Forget the mistress and concern yourself with your marriage and why your husband is sleeping around.

This is a bit questionable, and complex. When the mistress tell all to the wife, only 2 things that she is thinking. One will be she realize that she is hurting this wife that she didn't know. Or the mistress decided to tell the wife so in case she kick him out, the married man will come to the mistress. Am I right?

It is very rare that a husband leaves his wife for his mistress.

she meant that it is because the wife of a cheating husband is trying to do such things that the mistress of his husband realize that what she did was wrong. ANSWER: I think the wife is telling the mistress that she can have him, so she will not have to deal with pain and bad memories. And letting him go is her way to forgive him.

The husband may be able to press stalking charges, if he has asked her to stay away.

Most mistress' do not tell the wife she is cheating with the wife's husband and the only reason for that would be to pour salt into an open wound. Mistress' are losers and will never be at the top of the list in any man's life. He may take her on vacation, dine out, go to the theater, etc., but he will generally go back to his wife or, if she finds out and they divorce the percentage is very low the husband will continue a relationship or marry his mistress.

ANSWER:Tell him that he needs to talk to his ex mistress and tell her to stop, or else tell your husband that you will not put up with his ex mistress. Either he made her stop, or tell him that he needs to move out, period.

When a wife gives her husband her blessings so he can return to his mistress he is not expecting this and his wife is as much as saying 'I don't care.' Her husband is wary of her giving up so easily and most likely feels she is having an affair as well and oddly enough while the husband feels it is fine to have a mistress he does not like the idea of his wife having a lover. Therefore, this could be bad for the mistress because the husband is more likely to stay with his wife.

Ever heard of alienation of affection? A wife can sue the husbands mistress if mistress knowingly has an affair with your husband knowing he is married.

When he decided to cheat over and over again to gain his mistress he was already done with his wife for whatever reason. At the time the wife discovered the affair and realized the husband was more concerned with the mistress is the moment the wife should be done with him... Big mistake on his part!

For starters cheating is dishonest and selfish and there are no excuses for it. If a man is that unhappy with his wife then he should be man enough to ask for a divorce. The wife should be talking to her husband (he started the cheating) and not the mistress. A cheating husband and his mistress are spineless when caught so it makes sense that the wife has frightened the heck out of the mistress by blowing their cover of having an affair. The old saying 'there is nothing like the wrath of a woman scorned' proves well in this situation so the mistress is worrying about the wife confronting her. The wife would be wise to stop trying to contact the mistress and go after the real troublemaker ... her husband!

ANSWER: A wife is the women the guy is married too. A man cannot have a mistress if he does not have a wife. A mistress is basically the women the guy is having an affair with. So its the women he is cheating on his wife with. ANSWER: The difference between a wife to a mistress is such over kill and we never really know until it happens to us personally. What or WHO is a wife?.. a wife is the one that takes care of the house, including cooking, washing, cleaning, buying groceries, making things comfortable in the house while the husband is working. A wife is the one that solve simple little problem so the husband will not deal with it. A wife is the person that always make sure her husband will get some sleep or rest after working hard. A wife is the person who always make sure that the husbands needs is always meet. A wife is the person who will wait for her husband until he gets home safe. And a wife is the person that always pray so her husband will be safe from harm when his not with her. What is or who is the mistress?..A mistress is the person that will give all the time for this married man. She is the one that will do anything to make him happy because the wife is to busy to do it for the husband. A mistress is the lucky one because she is the one that finds out this married man has a lot of more to offer when it comes to intimacy. A mistress is the one that will not wash his dirty clothes, hear him snore at night, will not sweat cooking his favorite meal. A mistress is the one that will know how his day at work and how he look forward seeing her. I think this is the difference when it comes to who is a wife and who is a mistress.

He probably does want to be with her..... but the wife (if she found out) uses her control over him to force him into not being with her. Sometimes it depends on how deep the affair with the mistress was.

I would consider the fact that he has a Mistress is "unfair to the Wife" in general, anything else on top of that is just

You shouldn't even stay married to him if that happens! ANSWER: I did mine, and yes our husband has the choice to do it if they want to. But the question is will it be the right thing to do if the husband still kept the communication from his mistress ( ex). If the spouse wont stop, this is a sign that no matter what you ask him he will ignore you, is showing that he can't live without being connected with his mistress.

The cast of The Mistress - 2009 includes: Monia Ayachi as Mistress Monika Hummel as Wife Muneesh Sharma as Husband

Your husband had a tongue in his head and he could have said 'no' to having an affair with the other woman or, he started the affair so it is up to the husband to resolve the problem with the mistress contacting the wife and himself. If the husband does not stop the ex mistress from phoning his wife and himself then the wife should at least apply for a separation because he may still be seeing the mistress.

Yes, the wife can feel like a mistress when her husband is having an affair because he may well either love his wife; love both women or, he wants to continue with a sexual relationship with his wife and the adventure of having a sexual relationship that is exciting with his mistress. A wife that puts up with her husband's cheating is an enabler and if she allows it to go on then she is not only stripping herself of her dignity and self worth, but she her husband will not respect her for putting up with it. 'You' are in control of this situation and sit down with your husband and tell him you are not putting up with his cheating and he either goes to marriage counseling with you; drops the mistress or you are divorcing him. This should get his attention!

so she will want to keep having sex with him

Women by nature are jealous of the other woman so they have a tendency to blame the mistress in the affair and even when the mistress harasses the wife, but it is the husband in this case that should stop the harassment because he started it all. Get tough with the husband and ignore the mistress; the ball is in his court.

He wants to stay married to his wife and is using the mistress for extramarital sex purposes.

Loving Frank will tell about his first wife and that he had 6 children, and about his mistress, but does not give information about his wife after the death of his mistress.

Why? it could be that her husband is telling her how his mistress is treating him every time their together. It could be that his mistress way in bed is a bit different than the two of you. So this is what you can do next time your husband is complaining, tell him he can go and stay with his mistress so you wouldn't have to cook for him, wash his dirty clothes, clean the house for him, pick up for him, and you wouldn't hear his snoring at night. You can't let your husband compare you with the other woman. It's low and immoral.

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