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Barring any fuel leaks I would say that your charcoal canister is probably in need of replacement. they can fill up with liquid after some time making them useless and will smell of gas.

Also it may be an exhaust leak if it is not an actual gasoline smell.

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Why does my 1999 Ford Expedition smell like antifreeze inside the car?

Your heater core may have a leak in it, allowing the fumes to invade the inside of the vehicle.

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Why does the inside of your car smell like gas fumes when you start your engine?

are you definitely sure it smells like gas? because sometimes your car can smell really bad, and that's caused by a petrol spill on the engine that gets burnt while you're driving. i think you should definitely get it checked out by a mechanic though, just incase its something serious.

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Why do you smell fumes in my 2000 jaguar s-type after awhile of driving?

sounds like an exhaust leak, or a fuel leak. that depends on the smell.

Does propane fumes smell like car exhaust fumes?

A "smell" is added to propane the same as a "smell" is added to natural gas. Some people describe it as being like old cabbage. I can attest that it is not pleasant and unless you have very poor sense of smell you will notice it. Don't ignore it if you do. Propane is heavier than air and will lie in a low area and is very combustible.

Why does the inside of your car smell like paint fumes after a repair?

New parts burning off protective coating - exhaust parts? Oil spilled on engine and burning off as engine heats up?

Why does the garage smell like gas when the car is in it?

If you can smell gas it's very likely you have a leak somewhere. Even a small leak will produce noticeable fumes.

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What causes a 2002 Chevy Tracker to smell like antifreeze?

if you smell it inside, it's the heater core it has a leak.

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Why does it smell like antifreeze in car when driving?

your vehicle may smell like antifreeze while driving because it is overheating

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I posted the question, but have been researching still. I haven't found anything that says that if the fumes are not "DIRECTLY" consumed (like "huffing") the fumes can kill you, but for anyone researching this, some answers that have helped is that heat, candles, and dryness can help the smell. I am currently trying the candle method.

What causes a Ford Taurus smell like burned rubber when vent open?

broken oil seal? i had something simialr with my new Ford Fusion, turned out to be oil seal. I had some fumes coming in through the air wents inside as well , though.

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Leaking heater core

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