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Why does the motor sound high pitched as if you had pressed the gas some?


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2007-02-17 14:41:28
2007-02-17 14:41:28

idle is to high. most likely caused by: 1. incorrect idle adjustment 2. vaccume leak 3. to much fuel delivery 4. pressing the gas some answer you have a leak in intake manifold or carburettor, that is allowing air to be sucked in on acceleration


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yes, a whistle sound is high pitched sound

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When you crank your motor and it makes a high pitched wineing sound

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Usually it can be a high pitched sound that alerts you that your brake pad are deteriorating and soon to be into you rotors.

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High-pitched sounds have higher frequency than low-pitched sounds have.

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well the difference is that quite pitched sound and a loud low sound is that there different one if quite at high and the other is loud and low

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