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Most likely have leaky fuel injectors. It can be most anything that would causeover rich/ not burning fuel to be pushed past the rings. If the car seams to be running fine (not missfiring) the sparkplugs and wiring is probley ok. Butif under load there is a miss replace both. A good way to tell if you have one or more leakingfuel injectors, the plug for that cyl/injector will be much darker (even black)from the over supply of fuel. I would start off with pulling all plugs and ifany are fouled replace them. Noting witch hole they were in. Run around own for10 or 15 miles, pull the plugs that were fouled and compair it to another holethat was running clean, and if the new plug is starting to get sooty (gettingdark) you found which injector is leaking. If it is not fouling to fast try theinjector cleaner (works best on 1/2 tank or less). You can buy the cleaner fromany auto supply store, takes any ware from 5 to 30 miles before the cleaningstarts to take. If the cleaner does not help replace that injector.

Hope this helps you, Ben Parker, San Jose, Ca

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Q: Why does the oil in your 1992 Cadillac STS smell like gasoline?
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