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How many miles are on your engine?

Do you know how often the oil has been changed in the past?

you need to replace the oil filter, without it, it is unable to extract carbon, acid and moisture from the oil which turns it black

If your car burns oil, more carbon is created because oil is designed not to burn so when it does it makes soot. The oil dilutes faster

oil turning black is normal. all engines produce some blow-by around the rings, and these spent gases contain carbon, a by-product of combustion. the carbon is dissolved into the oil where it can be removed from the engine during oil changes.

I've seen this lots. On new vehicles like 2005's... no, the oil will still look brownish. On older vehicles, it comes out black, you change it, you start it, you check it... black. There is still a bit of oil left after an oil change and it will get darker and darker. If your vehicle is new... get her checked out.

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Q: Why does the oil turn black after a week?
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Why does the engine oil of motorcycle turn black after a week?

You are probably making a mistake in changing the oil. Start the engine and run for about 5 minutes before changing the oil. This will suspend all the minuet particles of soot, and dirt in the oil and then this will flow out when you drain the oil. If you do not run the engine before changing the oil, you are leaving some of these particles laying in the bottom of the oil pan. There they stay until you add fresh oil which mixes with these particles. Thus the black oil in a short period of time. But know that black oil does not mean you need an oil change. It is very common for the oil to turn black but not in a week. If it did not turn black it would not be doing it's job.

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