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Why does the overheat light sometimes come on when the car is started?


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2007-12-29 19:47:01
2007-12-29 19:47:01

Most cars have a check lite sequence at start to prove they work properly. This assures that you'll have a valid indication if the engine overheats. It also means that if the lights don't come on at start that they MUST be repaired.


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When I turn my AC on sometimes they come on and sometimes dont, causing it to overheat. I checked the fans by hotwiring from the battery and they turned on everytime.

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Engine overheat, low oil pressure, or alternator voltage.

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The oil light will always come on for just a second after a car is started. If the oil light stays on, the oil could be low or need to be changed.

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If the engine is overheating the temp gauge will go all the way to the right and a red light will come on.

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