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to conserve water

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Why rifampicin produce red urine?

the metabolites causes the urine color

Can a red kangaroo and a grey kangaroo breed and produce viable young?

No. These are different species of kangaroo, and kangaroos do not breed with other species.The grey kangaroo consist of two species which will not breed with one another - eastern grey kangaroo (Macropus giganteus) and western grey kangaroo (Macropus fuliginosus). Neither of them breeds with the red kangaroo (Macopus rufus).

What do kidneys produce?

Urine and erythropoietin; a hormone that tells the bone marrow to produce red blood cells.

Is a red kangaroo an omnivore?

No. The Red kangaroo is a herbivore. Some of the smaller species of kangaroos, such as the Musky rat-kangaroo, are omnivores, but the Red Kangaroo is not.

When was Red kangaroo created?

Red kangaroo was created in 1822.

What is the largest kangaroo?

red kangaroo

Is there a picture of a red tail kangaroo?

The species "red tail kangaroo" does not exist.The red kangaroo is one of Australia's most common marsupials. The picture at the related link below is captioned "red-tailed kangaroo" by a misinformed traveller. It is really just a red kangaroo.

What are the kidneys responsible for?

kidneys maintain your body's fluid balance. (so if you've not been drinking much they produce concentrated urine, if you've been drinking loads they will produce dilute urine to get rid of the excess fluid) they also help you excrete toxic waste products from your body- such as urea which is a breakdown product from the protein we eat. they also produce erythropoetin which is the hormone that tells us to make more red blood cells.

How high is the Red Kangaroo?

The height of a Red kangaroo, which is the largest of the kangaroo species, ranges from 165cm to 2 metres.

What specie has the red kangaroo evolve from?

the kangaroo

What type of kangaroo is the fastest?

The largest kangaroo, the Red Kangaroo, is the fastest.

What is the largest type of kangaroo in Australia?

The largest type of kangaroo in Australia is the Red Kangaroo. The male red kangaroo averages 1.5-1.8m in height.

What type of animal is a red kangaroo?

The Red kangaroo is a mammal; specifically, it is a marsupial.

What is the species of a red kangaroo?

The species name of the red kangaroo is Macropus Rufus.

What species does the red kangaroo belong to?

The species name of the Red kangaroo is Macropus Rufus.

Is the red kangaroo a predator?

No. The Red kangaroo is a herbivore, feeding on grasses and other vegetation.

What does a red kangaroo do early in the morning?

a red kangaroo grazes on grass early morning

Which is the heaviest kangaroo know to man?

the red kangaroo

Where is the Red Kangaroo in the food web?

The Red Kangaroo is eaten by: Birds of Prey (Eagle), and Dingos. The Red Kangaroo eats: Low Herbaceous Plants and some Grasses.

Common name for red kangaroo paw plant?

The common name for the red kangaroo paw is just that: red kangaroo paw.Its scientific name is Anigozanthos rufus.

How high does the Red Kangaroo jump?

The Red Kangaroo can jump up to a height of 2.5 metres.

Is the red kangaroo becoming exinct?

Not at all. The red kangaroo has a conservation status of least concern.

What is the common name of the red kangaroo?

The common name of the Red kangaroo is simply Red kangaroo. It is not known by any other name. On occasion, it may be referred to as a "big red", but this is certainly not a common name.

Are there such things as red kangaroos?

Yes. The Red kangaroo (Macropus rufus) is the largest of the kangaroo species, and the largest marsupial.The red kangaroo is called this because it has a reddish tinge to its brown fur, as opposed to the grey fur of the grey kangaroo. Males can be a strong brick-red colour or a pale red.

What is the Latin name for the Red Kangaroo Paw?

The scientific name for the Red Kangaroo Paw is Anigozanthos rufus.

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