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One of the signal bulbs on the left side has its ground terminal disconnected. The circuit is completed through the headlights and right turn wiring. Look for the following: - Corroded bulb socket - Loose socket holder (often the ground is made through the metal-to-metal contact) - Damaged wiring Turn on the headlights to find which bulb. That bulb won't light when the signal is turned on.

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Q: Why does the right side get a weak signal when the left turn signal blinks and the left signal stay on solid when the headlights are on?
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How do you fix a turn signal when the hazard lights blink left turn signal blinks but when using right turn signal it just stays solid.?

It means that a light bulb is out on the side where the light solid (not blinking) it could be in the front or rear of the vehicle.

What does it means when your serviceengine light blinks and than stop blinking?

My light usually blinks when I start the car and then stops later on, I usually take it in when the light is solid. You should check your owner's manual if you are concerned.

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05 Town and Country. tail light housing was cracked so replaced entire unit in Sept. now back turn signal only works when headlights are off. when headlights are on turn signal does not flash. Why?

This answer is not vehicle specific, in other words this information is valid for all cars that have a separate ground wire/connection at the tail-light assembly. Your most likely culprit is a totally open ground connection specifically at the 2-pin socket for the problem turn-signal. What is probably happening is your turn signal works when the headlights are off because that socket has no ground of it's own and so is using the headlight circuit pin (located in the bottom of the socket) as it's ground path. When the headlights are turned on then that "ground" is "electronically removed". In other words the problem socket "sees" a ground on the headlight pin when the headlights are off and the turn-signal pin is made "hot" by activating that turn-signal. What is happening is the turn signal circuit is grounding thru the filaments of the headlights themselves. However, when the headlights come on then that headlight pin goes "hot" also... so you end up with two hots and no ground for the current to flow thru. You can test this with a 12volt bulb type of test-light clipped onto a hot (+12v) wire (verify the connection by probing a solid body ground and making the test light come on). Then "probe" the shell of the socket (the metal part that the pin sticking out of the side of the bulb touches when the bulb is installed) if the test-light will not come on when you poke the metal shell of the socket then you have confirmed ground is missing. Good luck!

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1996 olds mobile ciera How do you fix a turn signal when the hazard lights blink right turn signal blinks but when using left turn signal it just stays solid?

It sounds to me like you have a bulb brunt out. With a bulb burnt out there is not enough load on the flasher to make it flash.When using the hazards there is enough load because all the bulbs are working through one flasher fuse, you would need at least two bulbs burnt out for this to not work.The flasher fuse is a automatic resetting circuit breaker, and needs enough load to pop the breaker, and one bulb is not enough load to preform this. Need more help contact me through my board and I will try to help.

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