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It may be having the same effect as catnip would.

Or possibly because Flexall releases gases containing irritants.

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Q: Why does the scent of Flexall drive your cat bonkers?
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Where are the cats scent glands at?

Cat scent glands are on their paw pads and on the corners of their mouths.

What was the name of Donna's cat on the sitcom That 70's Show?

Mr Bonkers

Why does your cat pee on your husbands clothing?

It has a death wish? My guess is that it did it once and the scent remains. The scent of urine will prompt the cat to return. The scent will remain unless the clothes are laundered well. There are scent removers that you can find at the pet store and at some grocery stores.

Why do cats prefer unscented cat litter?

The scent is added to cat litter for the benefit of the humans, not the cat. If you clean the litterbox often enough, ususally daily, all the scent needed would be baking soda scent. Some scents are deterents for going near things.

Do cats spray people?

Yes, they rub their scent glands on you, which in cat lingo means " I own you". Yes, they rub their scent glands on you, which in cat lingo means " I own you".

How can you make your cat friends with a alley cat?

Put food and water out for it. Leave something with your scent on it.

Why do cats rub their heads against your face?

When a cat rubs his face against an object, he is leaving his scent. There's a gland located in the face, that produces this scent. This is to help him know who, and what is his territory. So when a cat rubs his face against yours he is leaving his scent on you.

How do you stop a cat from using the rug as a scratching post?

buy the cat a scratching post with catnip scent.

Why is your outdoor cat peeing on the leather couch all the time when the litterbox is clean?

the cat is leaving its scent

How does a cat learn its way home so quickly?

cats have their scent on the pads on their paws, so when they walk outside they can trace their scent back to where they came from. this is why, when you first let your cat outside it is crucial for the cat to go out by herself, and not be carried outside

What does it mean when a cat rubs its head against a humans head?

It means the cat likes you! When a cat rubs against you, it is marking you, saying that you are his/ hers. They have scent glands in there chin to put there scent on you. Don't push them away because that means (to them anyways) that you don't love them!

Does the scent of a cat deter mice?

No, but if you need a mouser a Female cat is best. Males are lazy and the females are natural hunters.

What is the word when cats rub against your legs?

The cat is "marking" you with it's scent, especially if you were near another cat or dog.

Can catnip drive your cat crazy?

Yes cat nip can drive your cat crazy. It depends also on your cat and what she/he likes. It shouldn't usually make your cat crazy.

Why does your cat pee on you?

they show that they will want to put scent on you this shows they belong to you and you belong to it.

How do you remove old cat scent from previous tenants?

Wash the previous tenants.

Why do cat raise their bottom when you pet them?

They do that because they are trying to put their scent on your hand.

What is a cat trying to tell you when it rubs on you?

The cat isn't trying to tell you anything, it is marking you with scent to tell other cats that you are his property. Now that you know that this means the cat now has decided he "owns" you, it is unlikely the cat would decide to "own" a thing he dislikes (would he?).

How do you keep your cat from climbing your stuff?

Usually cats climb things (or scratch things) to get their scent on that item. If it is a housepet you can take a rag and pet the cat with it, then rub the rag over the item to get its scent on it. If it is a stay cat then I would suggest squirting it with a bit of water everytime it does. I hope this was helpful!

A cat strolls across your backyard An hour later a dog with its nose to the ground follows the trail of the cat Explain what is going on from a molecular point of view?

The dog is following the scent molecules left behind by the cat. The scent molecules the cat left behind come into contact with the neurons in the dog's nasal passages, and the information is sent to his brain.

How does a cat find their way back home from over a thousand miles away?

scent of their home, which is why before you let them out put butter on their paws - unless there are coyotes in your neighborhood. Coyotes and other predators will use the scent of the butter to hunt the cat.

Which cat is peeing on the furniture?

Male cat's spray but a female cat will urinate on furniture. If you get them fixed they won't spray. Make sure their litter box is clean. Spray your furniture with orange or lemon scent cat's can't stand that scent.

What does it mean when a cat stares at you?

It may be observing your behaviour, to see whether you are a friend or should be avoided. The cat may also note your scent.

Do cats find the scent of their owners comforting?

Honestly, it depends on the scent of the owner. One who smells of toxic chemicals may not be as "comforting" as one who smells of cat nip.

What does it mean when a dog eats cat poop and other dog poop?

It means the scent of the feces has caught the attention of him and he thinks it is probably food or mate due to the scent.