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This is a problem on the Corolla and the Chev. Prizm which is the same identical car. If you pull the seatbelt all the way out and relase it, then the light will go out. This gets to be annoying, though. These seatbelts also have a problem of not retracting all the way and being caught in the door when getting out of the car, too. I think there was a recall on the not retracting fully problem, but I'm not sure at the moment. I have a 98 chev Prizm (Same car as Corolla) and my seat belt reminder light keeps blinking even while the seat belt is on. I have tried extending the seat belt all the way out but the light keeps blinking continuously. I took the molding away from the seat belt winding mechinism and unplugged the electrical connection. The seat belt light stayed on even after unplugging the wires but the electrical plug seemed a little charred. I am taking the car to the garage to have a maintenance inspection so if I find out anything new I will post here. - Andy Schrodemier If all else fails, take the guage pod out and pull out the light bulb. Its not the best fix in the world, but it will get rid of the annoyance and be extremly cheap. there is anotehr thread on here how to take the guage pod out of the dash.

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Q: Why does the seatbelt light reminder in a 1999 Corolla only come on and stay on when your seat belt is on?
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In a 1999 Toyota Corolla when the seat feels the pressure of a passenger but does not have a seat belt connected a signal will be sent to the ECU causing the blinking seatbelt light. Although not recommended a consumer can disconnect the seatbelt light switch located underneath the vehicle to turn off this safety feature.

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Prizm and Corolla were the same car, so yes.

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My parents have this problem on their 99 Sienna. They got an estimate of an outrageous amount to fix the problem, because it involved disassembling the dash to reach the control for the seatbelt indicator, plus replacing a sensor. They've decided it's not worth it and have learned to ignore the annoying flashing light. Sorry.

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You have 2 problems. one is the license light bulb is burned out and the stop light switch is bad. Check them out. GoodluckJoe

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