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Chances are the belt and tensioner is not the problem. Your water pump is. Check the bottom of the water pump and see if there is some anti-freeze comming from the weep hole. If there is then that is the problem. Anti-freeze will cause a serpentine belt to come off because of its lubricating properties If there are not leaking fluids dripping on the belt that would cause it to come off then, it sounds like a belt alignment problem. You should check your mechanics guide to determine how to adjust the alignment.

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Q: Why does the serpentine belt keep slipping off the bottom pulley after replacing the belt and tensioner on a 1995 Ford Thunderbird V8 4 6L?
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Where is the serpentine belt adjuster located on a 95 Chevy Lumina?

On vehicles with a single serpentine belt, tension is usually self-adjusted automatically via a spring loaded tensioner. No additional adjustment is necessary. If the belt is slipping or loose, then it needs replacing. Also check the tensioner bearings and replace the tensioner if necessary.

Why would a serpentine keep slipping off?

tensioner wobble , check all pulleys for straightness and replace as need

Why does your 96 Saturn squeal after you replaced the belt?

If you're certain that the sound is from the serpentine belt you should check the belt tensioner. A weak tensioner spring will result in slipping and a noisy belt.

Replace the serpentine belt on a 2003 Dodge Dakota?

The serpentine belt on a 2003 Dodge Dakota is replaced by loosening the belt tensioner and slipping the belt off. It can then be removed from the engine accessories and a new belt installed.

How to Tighten belt on grand marquis?

Engine used a serpentine belt, with a spring-loaded tensioner. You cannot tighten the belt. If the belt is slipping, either one of the driven components is going bad and dragging the belt, or the tensioner is bad.

Is there a tensioner to adjust a squealing Serpentine belt on 2004 Taurus?

There is also a possibility that an idler bearing has failed but that noise is a bit different from a rubber on metal squealling noise. To be certain of the problem befor you start throwing parts at it is to remove the belt and check each pulley and idler pulley (on the tensioner) for excessive play and/or rough or lumpy feel when you rotate them by hand.

Why does a serpentine belt squeak?

because it's slipping. tension or replace.

How do you adjust a serpentine belt in a 1995 Chevy lumina minivan?

I belive that there is no adjustment on the serp belt on your lumina. Should be a spring loaded tensioner. If you are having problems with the belt slipping you most likely need to replace the belt/ tenssioner.

What could cause noise on a 2000 impala serpentine belt pulley?

The belt is slipping.

What is the purpose of the belt tensioner on a Saturn sl1 y?

The tensioner maintains proper tension on the serpentine belt. Too much tension can cause premature failure of the belt, water pump, AC compressor, alternator, power steering... Too little tension can cause belt slipping, resulting in premature belt failure and poor operation of the water pump, AC compressor, alternator... AND when those pulleys are slipping, they generate a lot of heat which can cause premature failure of the water pump... you get the idea.

Does the idler pulley cause rough idling?

No. The idler pulley only maintains tension on the serpentine belt. A faulty idler pulley can cause noise and a loose tensioner arm can cause belt slipping but other than having a similar name, it has nothing in common with engine idling.

Why would the serpentine belt on a 1994 Le Baron keep slipping off of the pulleys?

Assuming the tensioner is keeping the belt tight, you need to make sure all of the pulleys are still in a straight line. If a bearing has failed in a pulley the puley will "lean" causing the belt to run off the edge.

Why does the timing belt keep slipping?

Either the belt is worn out, incorrect belt, drive gears are worn, or the tensioner is defective.

Why does your 2001 impala squeal when engine cold?

Most common cause is a drive (serpentine) belt for alternator, water pump etc slipping a little. Check tensioner, replace belt if glazed. A HVAC supplier should be able to sell you an anti-slip spray on aerosol can, if you're into crude fixes.

How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 2002 Dodge Caravan 3.8 V6?

Sears Hardware sells a nice tool which you can use to rotate the belt tensioner. It is essentially a long socket wrench with several shallow adaptors. I presume you should be able to get something similar at any auto parts store. If you don't have a copy of the Haynes Repair Manual, I recommend getting it. It has a nice diagram of the belt layout. Regarding the belt, when mine slipped off, I replaced the tensioner and belt, but it kept slipping off. I bought a Gates Serpentine Belt Drive Component Kit and it never happened again. Amazon sells it. Changing the tensioner is tough. The nut holding it in can be reached from below.

2003 tundra serpentine belt replacement?

Chatter felt when turning to the left. Think the belt may be slipping. 2003 Tundra.

How do you fix a 2006 Ford Explorer 4L 5-speed auto poducing a high-pitch squealing noise during the winter season when accelerating and the RPM is peaking at exactly 3100 just before gear shifts?

Check the serpentine belt, tensioner and pulleys. It's probably a problem with belt slipping.

The pulley on your 2005 altima alternator is slipping can pulley be fixed or does alternator need replacing?

you need to replace the alternator

How do you tighten the alternator belt on a gmc suburban?

It should be self adjusting, if it is slipping it could mean you need a new belt or a new belt tensioner.

Does worn serpentine belt make engine run hot?

It can if it is loose and slipping. The belt drives the water pump which moves coolant throughout the system.

Does a weak Serpentine Belt Tensioner affect engine performance?

If you had a really bad slipping serpetine belt and get a new belt you would feel a difference as the old one would affect the spark in spark plugs, but a new belt would also cause more friction because its more rubber thus reducing power output by a little bit.

What would cause 92 Saturn SL2 to surge only around 30 mph?

the serpentine belt may be slipping then grabbing as the tranny shifts gears.

Why does the steering in a 1987 Chevy Celebrity squeal?

The squeal is often caused by the power steering belt slipping. Check the serpentine belt to see if it needs replacement.

Why do I smell burning rubber after replacing the clutch in my Subaru?

The smell comes from the new clutch and usually because you are riding it, or slipping it. Being a new clutch it reacts to almost any pressure. Stop riding or slipping it and this will stop.

Remove serpentine belt 1995 Buick Lesabre?

Use a wrench on the belt tensioner. If there is a square hole, use the socket handle only, if not, use a socket the size of the bolt in the center of the tensioner pulley. Use only enough torque on the tensioner to release tension and slip the belt off of one of the pulleys. (You don't want to loosen the bolt, you only want to move the tensioner.) You did not ask this, but it is important. Pay attention to the routing of the belt. When reinstalling, make sure the grooves are centered and seated on all the pulleys BEFORE slipping the belt over the last pulley. (Of course, using the wrench to move the tensioner.) This can be tricky. You only get one chance, because if you crank the engine with the belt not correctly seated, you will be buying a new belt, and you could get hurt.