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smaller mass, bigger velocity.

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Q: Why does the smallest fragments of an explosion can cause damage over a wide area?
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What cause greatest damage in a explosion?

blast wave

The Chernobyl explosion did not cause any damage to the environment?

Yes, it did.

Causes the greatest damage in explosion?

Nuclear weapons cause the greatest damage in explosion. This will affect even the atmosphere for a very long period of time.

Can metal fragments in fuel damage a TDI engine?

Metal fragments in the fuel can damage any engine! They clog fuel lines, injectors (if the engine has them) and fuel filters, causing problems getting enough fuel to the engine. The fragments that make it through to the cylinders can cause scratches in the cylinder walls, the intake and exhaust valves. These prevent good seals and reduce the power of the engine and can eventually cause permanent damage.

What damage can volcanoes cause?

Mt. Helena once erupted, and the explosion was 20 x the explosive power of an atomic bomb.

What damage does fire cause to aircraft?

May cause engine stop. And if the aircraft is standing still with fire around it, the flames can enter the vent holes for the fuel tanks and cause explosion.

Did The Chernobyl explosion cause any damage to the environment.?

It's hard to find out but it seems to have caused less damage than first feared.

What is a sentence with the word explosion?

The explosion was heart for many miles. Dynamite can cause an explosion.

Did the twin towers fall because of the explosion?

yes but the explosion severely damage the building which causes the building to stand for a little long but it took too long for the buildings to collapse cause of multiple explosions happening every 15 0r 20 minutes after the planes attack it which damage the building more

Why does the carbon dioxide in coke and Mentos cause an explosion?

why dose a fizzy drink and a mint cause an explosion

What is the smallest power interruption that can cause memory errors on the computer or cause the computer to lock up?

Within the computer there can be a minor surge which can minorly damage almost anything inside.

What would happen if all the Corvettes in the world exploded?

there would be no more corvettes and it would cause damage to people and depending on the size of the explosion other types of matter