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I think you mean, :why does the orbit of satellites, etc. look like a sine wave? Well, every orbit around the earth looks like a circular (or elliptical ring) whose center (or focus) is at the center of the earth. An orbit exactly above the equator is one such orbit, but any orbit can be tilted as long as the center (or focus) stays at the earth's center and the whole orbit is flat like a disk. On various maps this makes the orbit look like a wave, but on a globe it stays a flat circle (or ellipse).

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Q: Why does the space shuttle's orbit apparently follow a wave pattern?
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Do Space shuttles orbit in the thermosphere?

not regulary. they mostly orbit the mesosphere

How do shuttles land on other planets?

They don't. The shuttles were designed for Earth Orbit only.

What rhymes with sorbet?

Orbit rhymes with it. Orbit has to do with space shuttles and space travel

Which atmospheric layer is where space shuttles orbit?

The atmosphere is divided in to five layers. These are Troposhere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere and Exosphere. The space shuttles orbit in thermosphere.The atmosphere is divided in to five layers. These are Troposhere, Stratospere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere and Exosphere. The space shuttles orbit in thermosphere.

Where have space shuttles been?

only to low Earth orbit.

How long does a space shuttle take to get to medium earth orbit?

The space shuttles never went as high has "medium Earth orbit"; they were in LOW Earth orbits. It took about an hour to get established in orbit. The shuttles have now been retired, and will never go into orbit again.

What are Space Shuttles used for?

To carry things to and from orbit around the Earth.

Speed of spaceship?

Space shuttles can travel at extremely fast speeds. Typically, space shuttles orbit the Earth at slightly less than 20,000 miles per hour.

How long will a space shuttles fuel last?

Probably a few minutes. Note that once the space shuttle is in orbit, it doesn't need fuel to stay in orbit.

Where did spaceship Columbia travel to?

Columbia was a Space Shuttle. Space Shuttles travel to an orbit around the Earth and return.

Can a space shuttle land on mars?

No. The Space Shuttles are only designed and fueled for low earth orbit and return.

Why cant space shuttles be made larger and larger?

Simply because of the amount of energy required to put it into orbit.

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