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Why does the speedometer stop at 85 mph on a 1988 Ford Thunderbird LX?

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In 1979 the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) passed a law that limited speedometers to 85 MPH. The same law also required emphasis (larger, bold font) on 55 MPH (the Federal speed limit enacted in '73). Unsure when the speedometer law was repealed, but max speed remained 55 until 1988 when it was upped to 65 (where it stands today).

Though the speed indicator (analog or digital) pegs at 85, there is no mechanism on the car to prevent you from going faster than 85 - you CAN go faster than 85, it just won't tell you how fast you're going.

You can get aftermarket speedometers that will display speeds above 85.

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Why wont digital speedometer light up on a 1987 Ford Thunderbird?

Just pray for it to come back on mine always does. Also stop slamming on the dashboard.

When did they stop making ford thunderbirds?

The 2005 Ford Thunderbird was the last model year

Why would the odometer stop working in a 96 Ford Explorer?

The odometer on a 96 Ford Explorer is tied into the speedometer. If the speedometer is working then there is a gear problem inside of the speedometer causing the odometer to not work.

Where is the radiator cap on 1994 thunderbird?

Please advise where the radiator cap is located on a 1994 ford thunderbird. I have to add a stop leak product to stop antifreeze leak and I cannot locate the cap.

Where is the fuse for your rear breaklight on your 1996 ford thunderbird?

On your 1996 Ford Thunderbird : In the fuse panel under the dash on the drivers side : ( the 15 amp fuse marked STOP / HAZ is the fuse for all 3 brake lights ) * the high mount brake lamp and the stop lamps

If the speedometer stop working on an Toyota a 91 corolla what part needs to be replace?

You may need to replace the speedometer fuse. The speedometer cable can cause your speedometer to stop working. The speed sensor can also cause the speedometer to stop working.

What will cause a 2000 ford ranger ABS light come on and a transmission to stop shifting and a speedometer to stop working?

Trans output speed sensor.

Why did your speedometer stop working its digital?

My 89Chevrolet astro van digital speedometer stop working. How do I fix it

What would cause a speedometer on a 98 ford mustang to stop working?

Bad wheel speed sensor or cluster needs replaced

What makes the gas gauge water gauge and speedometer stop working?

why would a speedometer stop working on a Mazda

Would the odometer stop working if the speedometer stopped working on a 1998 Dodge Ram?

you can go to speedometer and out of speedometer

What would cause the speedometer to stop working in a 1998 Ford Contour?

there is probably a sensor on the transmission that is either gone bad or become loose.

What refrigerant does a 1995 Ford Thunderbird require?

R134A, but under NO circumstances should you use any that has stop leak as it will ruin a shops equipment and not do well in your system.

Why would your speedometer and odometer stop working on your 1996 or newer Ford Taurus Mercury Sable?

Most likely a loose connection or bad sensor it is electronic

Why did the speedometer and odometer stop working in a 1996 subaru impreza?

Sounds like the speedometer cable broke.

Why would 1997 Ford Taurus speedometer stop working and now your car will not accelerate?

Had the same problem off and on in my 1999 Taurus. The speedometer needs to be replaced. The problem is in the speedometer and not the transmission like I was initially led to believe. My mechanic said it wasn't that big of a repair.Coincidentally, the vehicle speed sensor feeds information to both the speedometer and the transmission....See "Related Questions" below for more

What causes speedometer and mileage gages to stop functioning while moving on 1992 corvette?

Broken speedometer cable.

What will cause a 2000 Dodge Neon speedometer stop working?

coming to a complete stop

Why would the speedometer stop working on a 98 Ford Taurus if the fuse is still fine?

you maybe needing to replace your speed sensor. mine is doing the same thing and that is what is wrong with it

Why does my spedo jump all over or stop working when your car gets hot?

Need a new speedometer or speedometer cable.

Why did the speedometer stop working in a 1985 celebrity?

In my personal experience the speedometer stopped working because the mechanical drive cable broke.

On my 1997 Ford Ranger the speedometer randomly stops working at the same time the wipers also stop working Any suggestions as to where to look fo the problem?

The wiper blades need to be cleaned.

How do you fix a bouncing speedometer on a 2000 Kia Sephia?

Stop driving it

What would cause the odometer to stop working in a 1994 Cougar XR7 3.8 V-6?

If the speedometer continues to work - probably a broken gear etc. in speedometer head and probably will have to be replaced. If speedometer does not work -- probably a broken speedometer cable

Where do you find the stop light awitch on a 1955 thunderbird?

on the master cylinder in the engine compartment