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Could be the steering column spiral (the wire harness that's coiled up and includes wires that connect to the horn/cruise, etc.) needs to be replaced. Or the steering bolt needs lubrication.

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Q: Why does the steering wheel squeak when you turn a hard left or right on a 1996 Camry?
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Where is the drl in Camry located?

to the right of steering wheel columb it will say on the switch 'drl'

Why does the steering wheel squeak when it returns to the default position on a 1997 Mark 8?


Why does your steering wheel squeak in your civic?

there's a mouse taped to it

Why does your XC90 steering wheel squeak?

Because the clockspring is having a problem

Your front end on your 2002 Chevrolet Blazer is squeaking really bad?

The brakes can squeak, the suspension can squeak, the steering can squeak, the wheel hub/bearings can squeak, have a trusted mechanic determine the source of the squeak.

Where do you add steering wheel fluid to a 1987 Toyota Camry?

In the steering wheel fluid reservoir, passenger side of engine. Add dextron transmission fluid to it not "steering wheel fluid"

Ford Taurus every time you turning your wheel to left or right it squeak?

Try checking the power steering fluid. My taurus did the same thing until i filled the power steering fluid.

When you drive your 2001 Toyota Camry the steering wheel vibrates why?

who is this and then i will tell you

How do you take steering wheel off a 93 Toyota Camry?

A steering wheel is hard to remove by hand. It can be removed with a tool called the steering wheel remover found at local auto shops.

Why does your 2003 toyt camry steering wheel shakes after 70 mph?

Tire out of balance or bent wheel.

Why does your Trailblazer EXT squeak whenever I turn left only?

A Trailblazer that squeaks only when turning to the left could have a problem with the steering or front wheel bearing. Turning to the left puts the right pressure on the parts to cause them to squeak.

Why does your car squeak when you turn your steering wheel while your driving?

Check your power steering fluid or your fan belt could be making noise.

Why does steering wheel assembly squeak on a 1992 B2600i pickup?

There is a small spring loaded metal contact which slides on a disk on the back of the steering wheel. Normally there is di-electric grease on the disk and over time it gets rubbed off and will start to squeak. Removing the steering wheel and adding some di-electric grease to the area should eliminate the sound.

What would cause steering wheel shake on a 2001 Toyota Camry ce?

Tire out of balance or bent wheel.

How do you fix your 1998 jeep wrangler steering wheel squeak?

Grease the rubber boot that goes around the steering shaft as it goes through the firewall.

If you turn the steering wheel to the right while in reverse the rear of the car will?

Turn the steering wheel right to turn right in reverse.

88 Toyota Camry will not start?

Well, if your steering wheel was crooked it can cause the car to lock up, jiggle the steering wheel WHILE turning the key in the ignition.

When steering wheel is on right side are clutch and brake pedals on left or right of steering wheel?

From left to right, the pedals always go clutch, brake, accelerator regardless of which side of the car the steering wheel is on.

How do you replace the steering wheel on 1997 Toyota Camry le?

You need to get a special tool, steering wheel puller. If you have it, disconnect the battery. Remove the steering wheel air bag (there are two screws holding it in place). Disconnect the bag harness. Remove the center steering wheel nut. Using the puller remove the steering wheel. Installation is reversed to removal.

What causes a shaky steering wheel on1998 Toyota Camry?

Tires out of balance, bent wheel, or worn suspension parts.

What is causing the steering of a 1996 toyota camry to go stiff when turning?

The steering wheel in your 1996 may be hard to turn because you are low on power steering fluid. You can add some on your own and your steering wheel will not be hard to turn.

What side of the car is the steering wheel on in Spain?

Spain drives on the right. The steering wheel is on the left.

Which side is the car steering wheel on in china?

on the road they drive on the left. The steering wheel is on the right

What could a loud squeak when turning the steering wheel on a 99 Ford Ranger if the power steering fluid level is fine?

Loose or worn out power steering belt. A power steering pump going bad.

What side of the car is the steering wheel on in germany?

They drive on the right in Germany, so the steering wheel is on the left.