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It was implemented into phones to improve the functionality of it. In some cases, a phone camera was cheaper than a normal camera. You can find old flip-phones with built-in cameras sometimes.

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Because it just does, they just put it in iPhones to get more MonEy 😂

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Is a camera an example of advanced technology?

Well it depends on the camera, for example a disposable camera is not advanced technology it is merely technology. However cameras on satellites are very advanced technology, they are always watching!

What is a good camera dock for an HP camera?

Any mini-USB cord will work just as well as a camera dock for an HP camera.

Is a digital camera technology?

If it is digital, yes it is technology.

A camera is an example of?


What is a camera an example of?


Why does magic and illusion work?

Your eyes are misdirected which is why it doesn't work as well in front of a camera, which can't be.

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What is the first technology invented?

camera id the first technology in science.

When did Camera Work end?

Camera Work ended in 1917.

When was Camera Work created?

Camera Work was created in 1903.

How does the Polaroid instant camera work?

Well, you push the button thingy and its goes click :)

How well does a small digital camera work compared to a big digital camera?

A small digital camera vs a big digital camera will work almost exactly the same. The differences are the features included. A big digital camera will have a viewfinder mechanism, an adjustable and interchangable lens, and a bigger sensor, while the small digital cameras will not.

Can you use the lenses from your minolta maxxum 7000i 35mm camera on a digital camera?

They should work on Minolta digital cameras, and possibly the new Sonys as well. Check carefully into the camera specs.

Which brand of digital camera comes with a tripod?

I haven't seen any digital cameras that automatically come with a tripod. But most camera brands do make a tripod that can be purchased seperately and work well with your camera.

Does the Dell latitude e6400 have a camera?

The camera is optional. See

How has technology like applesumsung affected in the photographic world?

by taking other people's oppotunities like if you are a camera men you don't have work nowadays. By Osolively

Are digital SLR cameras the best?

Yes, they are the newest in camera technology. It takes the best and brightest picture. It looks true to life! I just bought a new camera with that technology.

Learning About Digital Camera Auctions?

The best camera auctions sometimes work by starting at either no reserve or a low reserve price. Before you bid on a camera, look at the description to ensure that it is the type of camera that you want. There are many varieties of digital technology available, and you should see if the features are ones that you will actually use often.

Should you buy a Nikon D200 camera?

Well if you like the Nikon D200 camera, then yes you should buy it. But it may be a little pricey. For new photographers, just settle for a normal camera and work your way up to an expensive camera since you now have more experience with camera.

Which camera would be the best for outdoor use?

Any digital camera with adjustable iso settings would work well outdoors. The Canon 30D is a great choice.

How does Advanced Optical Image Stabilization works?

Advanced Optical Image Stabilization uses technology within a digital camera. This technology reduces the blurriness of pictures that results from camera movement.

How do science and technology differ?

Well, We have Technology because of science so in a way you can say science is the mother of technology.Science is when you work on invent something and technology is when you modify the invention and you try to give it a new look.

How do you use your camera on sqwishland?

well first of all, you have to have the sqwamera (5000 at the sqwop) but if you do then double click yourself and then click on the tab that says tools. click on the camera and it should work!

How do you work your camera on bin weevils?

click on the camera and chooseaframe