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Why does the third starter still only click on starting a 92 Saturn SC?


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The reason it's clicking is because your battery is dead. Replace the battery and you're good to go. It just isn't providing enough juice to turn the starter over correctly.


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Yes, most likely its the starter if the battery is fully charged and it still wont crank. When you turn the key, you should hear a click. That click is the starter engaging. No click, means the starter is no good.

Check your alternator and your connections form the battery to the Starter. You may just have a bad connection If that does not work, your solenoid on your starter has gone bad, a new solenoid or starter may be needed. Check the start switch on the clutch pedal if so equiped.

Do you have any click in the starter itself but still not turning over? Then its the starter giving you fits. Replace it. If no click is heard then it could be a fuse or more likely the starter relay. Check them both before moving to the starter.

Double check the battery cables at the battery and at the engine, be sure they are clean and tight.

We need more info. Need to know the symptoms. Need to know what it does and does not do.

That clicking sound could be the sign of a weak, if not a totally discharged battery. Or, it could indicate a defective solenoid in the starter, or a defective bendix spring in the starter. If you are convinced that the battery is not the cause, I'd focus on the starter.

You have a bad starter solenoid or for some reason starter is still not getting enough current-which could be the bat or connections are corroded etc. Check bat voltage and connections (all) to starter.

1995 Ford Winstar still wi.ll not start after changing starter. Now power going to it. What can be done?

Remove the faulty new starter and replace it again. you know get another one. assuming you were correctly installing it.

It's not very hard if you have done some work before. Their are two bolts holding it in one is on top of the starter and a tough to see but you can still get a socket and ratchet on it. You shouldn't have too much trouble with the repair though. Saturn Tech

Starter, or motor is locked,,, Turn the motor somehow, listen for A click, if you hear it the starter was jammed, It should start, If you turn the motor and you do not hear A click try it anyway if it still will not try to start it is likely the starter

could be a dead cell in the battery, a loose ground or hot wire on the starter, or the starter could be bad.

you may hear a click you may but check the connections on the battery and on the starter make sure the power wire and the ground are connected well if they are and still nothing then your starter may be bad but have it tested at your local parts store

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The teeth on the flywheel have been worn down, this happens when a failing starter is repeatedly used until it quits.

Your problem is the starter solenoid. It may be a remote solenoid mounted on the inner fender well. You can easily check it by running a battery booster cable from the positive battery post to the starter side of the solenoid wiring (the heavy wiring). If the starter operates, the solenoid is bad.

It may still be the battery. If you just hear a click, it may be the starter is out. Make sure the battery is charged to the fullest. Sometimes the battery will have power but not enough to work the starter.

Freshly charged battery and good alternator...that usually means a bad starter. Check the following:Poor ground connection-do the lights come on bright? ...does the horn work?Starter relay is bad (AKA "The Solenoid") could be that the starter had a bad solenoid from the factory or the rebuilder. Does the starter click? If you have a good charge but the starter doesn't click, it is probably the solenoid.The ignition switch may be bad. Do you get power to the starter? You'll need a volt meter.The neutral switch may be bad. That is the switch on the transmission that keeps the starter from running while the car is in gear. You can jumper that switch at the plug and try to crank it but be sure that you have the drive wheels off the ground or the car in park because it could start up and run over you. That hurts.The starter may be bad...and they are the dickens to take out. Troubleshoot everything else, first.

The 'click' is probably the sound of the starter solenoid, but if nothing else happens, either the battery is flat, or the starter motor is faulty. -First check battery charge with a meter, charge it if needed. If the battery is good then check the connections at starter, make sure it has a good ground. If still not working , remove the starter and bench test it. -follow procedures in your manual for this.

Assuming you have checked that the battery cables are clean and tight on both ends and you do hear a click coming from the starter area, I'm going to say the starter/starter solenoid is bad. If you don't even get a click it may be the neutral safety switch.

It doesn't seem as though the Sky Saturn is still available in Europe. However, there are other cars available that are comparable to the Sky Saturn.

If you are 100% sure the battery and ignition switch are good and it still will not turn over, suspect the starter or starter solenoid. If you hear it click it is getting power. The only 100% sure way is to remove it and have it bench tested at an Auto Parts Store.

Yes the relay will still click you could have blown a fuse that is for the pump, the relay on some models of engine is to only heat the fuel quickly for faster starting

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