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Sorry, but the trans needs a rebuild. When clutches in the trans slip(because of a problem), they overheat and burn. This contaminates the oil as well as burning it slightly. Therefore it can smell bad. sometimes really bad! Dan the tranny man. Dan again- Please remember that the ATF in your vehicle is synthetic which does smell different that regular ATF. If this is the only symptom, the smell and color, then you do not need a transmission, Flush the fluid and replace the filter. The fluid is worn out and the transmission may have not reached a serious point.

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Q: Why does the transmission oil in your 99 Windstar LX smell bad and look brown?
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How should transmission fluid look?

It should look reddish in color for an automatic with no burnt smell.

Where do you locate the transmission id for a 1999 ford windstar?

on top of transmission. just below the air intake tube. usually a white tag. part number should look like ****-7000-**

Does burnt transmission fluid look like oil?

Yes, it will be dark brown or almost black.

Weird sounds in a transmission?

Many issues could cause noises in a transmission. Start by checking the transmission fluid. Look for low fluid, discoloration or a burnt smell. Run a check of computer codes to show a possible transmission problem.

What could be the reason for having oil residue on the radiator cap in my 1995 Ford Windstar?

Are you sure it is oil residue? If it is dark brown or reddish brown is is probably long life coolant residue. Typically coolant can be forced into oil from a failure of a sort, but not the other way around from what I have seen. Transmission coolers have been known to rupture inside the radiator allowing the two to mix. Your transmission fluid gets a stawberry milkshake look to it. But I don't recommend drinking it no matter good it looks. But this condition will wipe out a transmission if not caught early on.

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Where can you find the serial or part number of a transmission on a 1998 Ford Windstar?

Look for a barcoded sticker it may say something like F88R-7000-AAA no casting numbers that will be a case number.

The car sometimes drives like it is in neutral?

Check the transmission fluid level. If it's up, check if it's burned. Burned transmission fluid will look darker and smell burned as well. If it's burned, the clutches are worn out.

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Have you ever recalled a 1999 Ford Windstar?

Got to and look up recalls for this van.