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Because the turn signals are a completely separate curcuit from the emergency 4 way lights. The turn signal wiring has a short that causes the fuse to blow out. In order to find that short, you need a technician that specialises in electrical wiring repairs, because you could spend days trying to find it and fail. It will cost some money but less than the value of the truck, or a traffic ticket for "no signals."

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Q: Why does the turn signal fuse on a 1996 Chevy S-10 blazer keep blowing but the emergency flashers work fine?
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Both Blinkers and emergency flashers not working 95 blazer?

You may want to check the brake lights.Everything runs through the multi-function switch.(the turn signal switch)

How do you change the signal light flashers on a 1995 Chevrolet s10 blazer?

The signal and 4-way flashers are behind the lower dash panel, aprox under the radio. The lower dash panel must be removed to gain access to the flashers.

Where is Electronic flasher 94 cougar?

If your referring to the emergency flashers.... it'snactually in the turn signal switch. i have a 94 mercury cougar xr7 and when i bought it the emergency flashers did not work. i in the end i had to replace the entire turn signal switch in the steering column.

How do you replace emeregncy flasher 1996 S10 blazer?

Both the emergency and signal flashers are behind the plastic lower dash panel aprox under the radio. The panel must be removed to gain access.

Caprice turn signal relay?

The turn signals on a 91 caprice do not work, the emergency flashers do.

Why does your emergency flashers work on your 93 g20 Chevy van but not the turn signals?

There are two relays, one for the emergency flashers, and one for the turn signals. Your turn signal flasher is defective and needs replacing.

Where are the turn signal and emergency light flashers on a 2004 Jeep?

Go to and you can find out what flasher, and where it is located. :)

Where is turnsignal relay for 96 blazer?

The turn signal and emergency light relay flashers are located behind the plastic lower dash panel, aprox under the radio. The lower panel must be removed to gain access.

Are there different flashers for the Fiero?

The Fiero has two flashers from the factory, the signal light flasher and the emergency or four way flasher. These are identical GM style two prong flashers. There are many quality levels and even a few novelty flashers available.

How do you check if the flasher is blown on 96 blazer?

There are two flasher relays side by side. One is for the signal lights, the other is for the emergency flashers. They are the same relay so you can swap the two and see if the problem your having changes when you try to operate them.

Why turn signal switch fail when i turn it onbut emergency switch works ok.?

Not sure what vehicle you have but with most vehicles the signals and emergency flashers are separate circuits. Each have there own fuse and flasher. Check fuses, bulbs and flashers. If all checks okay it may be the signal switch at fault.

I Replaced flasher why don't the signal lights won't work?

Some cars have two flashers, one for the signals and the other for the emergency flashers. Be sure you replaced the right one. Also check the fuse the bulbs and lastly the signal switch.

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