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Sounds like you have a (604) overdrive transmission. If so your transmission is in "limp in mode" that means it is stuck in second gear. a protection device built into the trans when faults occour. You will need to have someone read the codes set in the transmission. I would be happy to tell you what codes are when read On my '91... I added tranny fluid, and the problem was solved. I put a heavy Transmission Fluid in that's made a slipping transmission. Someone has to look at it so see if that's what it is. If it is you could save getting a new transmission. Sounds like you may have been running it without enough fluid and may have caused some damage.

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Why does 1970 Dodge 318 MH hesitate when first accelerating from idle?

Replace the excelerator pump in the carb,and make sure of the proper engine timming!

What causes a car to hesitate when accelerating in a 2003 Oldsmobile alero?

it could be your air filter, you might not be pulling enough air into the engine. it usually costs less than 10 to fix

1989 grand am misfire when under pressure 2.5 engine?

i have 1989 GrandAm Pontiac 2.5 engine misfire when under pressure when driving over 69mph or sitting still accelerating

What are symptoms of a bad throttle control sensor?

Your check engine light will be on and you will feel bucking or jerking while you are accelerating. You will also have an idle surging, sudden stalling of the engine, and a sudden surge in speed while driving on the highway.

Why would a car hesitate and die when driving out of the blue?

It could be the distributor cap. you should check your spark plugs. could be bad or just got wet after washing engine compartment.

What makes a 91 Toyota Corolla hesitate while driving?

2 possible obvious faults Ignition timing and\or transmission slip. Hard to say without knowing service history of the engine.

Engine stalls when accelerating?

The engine is choking. My '89 did it. Check the throttle body. It might need cleaned out.

How can you tell when a car is accelerating?

The engine usually gets louder? Shift+/

Why does small engine stall when accelerating?

Lack of fuel it needs to operate

Engine shakes while driving and not driving?

engine rubber mounts or timin out

When accelerating car starts puttering?

It is very likely you have something wrong with your engine.

What does it mean if engine revs when accelerating?

Manuel transmission? You need a new clutch.

Why does your suburban want to die when accelerating?

On my engine,the accelerator pump on the Carb is going bad, 350 engine with quadrajet carb

What causes car to be sluggish when accelerating?

Slow engine RPM is the main reason a car may be sluggish while accelerating. However, it also could be due to the oil.

When accelerating car feel like its not going to make it?

You may have something wrong with your engine.

What would cause hesataion or shuddering while accelerating while driving 2005 Chrysler town and country van 3.8 engine?

Could be many things, but the most common are fouled spark plugs or a bad fuel filter.

What kind of hybrid system does the 2011 Camry have?

It seems to be the usual hybrid method of a gas(/petrol) engine for driving at high speeds, with an electric motor for low speeds. The electric motor and gas engine combine forces when a lot of thrust is needed quickly (eg quickly accelerating to overtake)

Why is that engine revs can not increase when accelerating on a yd 25 engine?

Could be a restriction in the exhaust such as a catalytic converter that has had a meltdown. If the check engine light is or has illuminated, check the codes.

How do you know when motor mounts in a 2002 dodge neon needs replacement?

If your engine jumps when accelerating, or when certain noises are made when engine torques.

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