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Check to see if there is an old water filter under the sink, Somtimes,if they are left to sit for a time,the water in it can become rancid. (something is growing in the tank)If so remove or replace the unit. Or if your water comes from a well perhaps the rest of the house water is filtered and the one faucet is not, When it should be, in that case perhaps installing a filter on it would help.

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Q: Why does the water from your kitchen sink smell like sulfur but the rest of the house is fine?
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What would cause a sulfur smell in only one toilet in the house I am on city water.?

Hi, I am having a similar issue in my house. I have sulfur smells in one toilet and one sink's water supply. I am also on city water, but I do live in a 100 year old house.

Why does the house have a sulfur smell when the hot water is on?

It is probably sewer gas or something coming up from the drain.

How do you remove the sulfur smell from water?

Short answer? You can't. One sulfur has found it's way into a water supply, the smell doesn't go away. There's no way to remove it. In Texas, when we first moved into the house and thereafter, whenever we were gone for several weeks, the first water out of the faucets was awful. After awhile, the smell was gone. Try getting a water filter.

On well water - the kitchen sink - especially in the morning - it smells like sulfur and mildew. but no other sinks etc smell?

It would seem to me that if the smell is in one faucet it would be in all faucets. It may be that you are only using the hot water in the kitchen which could be the odor from a water heater. Water heaters can emit an odor which is caused by bacteria and the sacrificial rod in your heater.

Can eggy smell in well water have something to do with too much iron as well as with sulfur?

the sour smell to water is usually caused by overpurification such as sulfur and other chemicals added at the plant

What would cause a sulfur smell in the hot water when the cold water does not smell?

The magnesium anode rod inside the tank

Why do hot springs smell?

They are volcanic and there is sulfur in the water or around them. Thus, you get the rotten egg smell.

Will a filter system remove the sulfur smell out of water?

A water filter system will remove the sulfur smell by reducing the hydrogen sulfide that causes it. There are 4 different types of water filters: distiller, reverse osmosis, backwash and activated carbon water filters.

Why does your water smell like rotten eggs?

It has a high sulfur content to it.

What could be wrong if you sometimes smell rotten eggs when running cold water?

The rotten egg smell is sulfur...

Extream amy of Iron in private well water. Well used for irrigation and house both. Water softener installed in garage for house use water. 8 years old and iron smell, stains and taste are back.?

What you need an iron/H2S filter, this system would remove Iron, manganese and Sulfur smell, and uses no chemical, any question please don't hesitate to ask

Why is there a smell coming from your water heater?

If it is a "rotten egg" sulfur smell it is bacteria. Flush the hot water heater and turn up the heat to between 130 and 140 degrees F.

How do you fix sewer gas smell in kitchen sink?

~Water jet the waste line

What would happen if you mixed lime sulfur with chlorine and what gases besides hydrogen sulfide are produced?

Liquid chlorine oxidizes everything in water including sulfur dioxide. Sulfur dioxide has that rotten egg smell

Where can you get sulfur?

sulfur is a mineral wich can be found in rocks or deposits. You can find it in water to or go to a rock collector store to buy it. If you want the smell of sulfur simply ground up the mineral under another rock because sulfur is extremely fragile.

What is the damp smell in a house its an older free standing house and for 3 weeks there is a damp smell under some parts of the house?

Look for water leakage. You might have some water damaged wood.

Why does water that comes from my kitchen sink smell so bad not sulferAlso after dishwasher runs dishes smell awful?

Pour baking soda in the drain.

What could be making the terrible smell under the house which is not a dead animal not sewage but a sulfur like strong onerwhelming dirt smell?

It is probably a dead shark. I had this problem so i went under my house and found a rotting bees nest. If you have ever been to hanmer springs in new zealand, there are hot springs there which have a strong sulphuric smell. There are also thousands of bees there. While the bees do not cause the smell, they certainly make it worse. Look for any traces of bees under and around your house and spray contaminated area/s with water and sodium bicarbonate, which will neutralise the smell.

I have terrible well water which is salty has a pH 8 and has a sulfur smell What kind of grass will grow with this horrible water?

I think St Augustine will work

What makes a sulfur smell?

The warm low oxygen atmospheres of wells can promote the growth of sulfur-reducing bacteria. A sulfur smell in tap water indicates a sulfur bacteria contamination in the residential water supply or treatment systems. The actual source of the odor is hydrogen sulfide gas, which is colorless with a foul egg odor. Also known as sewer gas, it is the waste product of sulfur digestion by sulfur-reducing bacteria. This bacteria thrives in oxygen-deficient and warm environments such as hot water heater tanks, water softener systems, wells and underground where groundwater may flow. The presence of hydrogen sulfide gas and sulfur bacteria can cause some mild health hazards and property damage. Treatment of sulfur bacteria contamination is dependent upon determining the source.

What causes the water to stop running in the kitchen but you have water in the rest of the house?

a broken pipe.

Will sodium thiosulfate mixed with water produce a rotten egg odor?

It may or may not...if there is some acid in the solution, then sulfur is a byproduct of the equation, which will lead to a sulfur smell. However, I don't feel like it would cause the smell, without at least a catalytic amount of acid.

What causes a sulfur smell in a clothes washer?

You must have a well, correct? The smell will disappear if you add bleach to the washer loads. Your well water can be treated with filtration, this will eliminate the odor also.

What can you use to get rid of an odor that smells like sickness in a house?

I dont know what you mean about ''Sick", but maybe a spray called Febreze could help because it always helps my house even though my house doesn't smell sick. It just gives it a clean smell. Maybe you might not like the smell because it might be to strong for you or you might be allergic to exotic smells like that, but I actually think you should give it a try. vacuum, and mop bathroom and kitchen with bleach and water. wipe surfaces in bathroom and kitchen with bleach and water. wipe surfaces in other rooms with water and lysol in brown bottle. just a tiny bit of this stuff with water. this will clean the place deep down and the odor will be eliminated not just masked, However, if you don't want to do all of this, burn inscense, it always does the trick.

You have a smell in your kitchen that comes from mywashing machine What can you do or what is it?

The smell is probably from residue of soapy dirty water. You could try running the rinse cycle (no clothes) with hot water and bleach or a nice-smelling cleaning solution.