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Because bacteria develops in the water. In addition to making the water smell bad, it can also shorten the life of the cut flowers. This is one of the reasons it is recommended that you change the water every other day.

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Q: Why does the water in which cut flowers sit for several days smell so bad?
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They haven't been watered for several days.

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no way.

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Why do dead beans left in water for 4 days smell bad?

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Which cut flowers have a short life?

Live cut flowers have a limited life. The majority of cut flowers can be expected to last several days with proper care. Roses and Daisies have a really short life.

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Flowers usually require water, depending on the type of flower, every 2-3 days and you also have to check the soil if it is totally dry as that isn't good.

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If you left water in an open container for several days in summer, the water would eventually evaporate and there would be less water than you put before but if you put in in winter, the water would eventually freeze.

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Flowers in bleach?

A couple drops of chlorine bleach in a vase of water will inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus and might keep cut flowers fresh a few days longer.

What could cause water to have a dirty smell?

pollution or Bactria or that it's been sitting still for about 2 days

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When I was a boy in the 1950's I lived in a farming community, the old folks used a spring cleanse which consisted of equal parts of Flowers Of Sulphur and Molasses mixed together. We would take a good teaspoon every morning for several days and it did appear to work, I can't say it cleansed the blood, but, judging from the odor when one of us went to the toilet, it did something - the smell was awful.

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