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This is more than likely the plenum pan gasket,it is located on the bottom side of the intake.There are several bolts to remove.The gaskets will break causing oil to be consumed throught the p.c.v. valve and into the intake causing it to smoke somewhat when you start the engine.When replacing, the bolts need to be torqued back to specs.

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Q: Why does this 1996 3500 van burn oil could it have possible problems with clogged crankcase ventilation Has anyone had this problem?
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How do you relieve crank case pressure in 1998 vw beetle?

If you have crankcase pressure in an engine, it's because your crankcase ventilation system has become clogged. There is a hose running from your valve cover to your air intake; this gets clogged up with oil. Pull it out, clean it in solvent, blow through the hose to make sure you can, and put the car back together.

What problems arises in fuel pump due to fuel contamination?

clogged filtersclogged injectorspitted combustors and turbine bladescorrosionpossible flame outpossible crashIt goes way beyond pump.

What is causing a blinking check engine light poor idle fuel smell in a 1997 Ford Aspire?

It could be a clogged of defective positive crankcase ventilation valve. The best way to find out is to have the code pulled from the computer. Many auto parts stores will do this for free.

Oil pump screen on Ford 4L OHV clogged. Can I backflush through the filter baseplate by using air pressure andor solvent?

If conditions in the crankcase have become so bad that the oil pickup screen is clogged, you have more of a problem than just a clogged screen. If someone has poured sawdust or other trash into the crankcase you MIGHT be able to pull the pan and clean the screen. If it's clogged for any other reason, you'll need to rebuild the engine.

What are common reasons for a 1999 Honda CR V to burn oil?

(1) The Positive Crankcase Ventilation valve (PCV valve) might be clogged up - needs replacing. (2) If the engine is high mileage and/or has not been properly maintained, the piston rings or the piston walls may be scored and you may need an engine overhaul.

How do you fix a clogged shower on virtual families?

not possible

Can a muffler get clogged by a bad catalytic converter?

Yes it is possible.

Why does your fuel injected 4.0L jeep motor surge when idling?

Possible clogged or partially clogged fuel filter, or a timing issue.

What cause crankcase back pressure in a four stroke outboard motor?

All four-stroke engines have crankcase back pressure because gases blow by the piston rings. They used to just drill a hole in the crankcase to let it out; when the government figured out this was a major source of pollution, they required the gases be captured and burned. To make this work, the hole is fitted with a one-way check valve and a hose. The hose is routed to the air intake on the carb or fuel injection. This is called "positive crankcase ventilation" (or "PCV") because the intake system's vacuum sucks the gases out of the crankcase. The valve is there for safety reasons: if the engine backfires through the carb, the PCV valve keeps your engine from exploding - which happened before the PCV system was invented. If you're getting back pressure, this system isn't working. And the problem's usually that the PCV valve is clogged or stuck shut. They should be replaced every year at the start of boating season, but since yours is clogged replace it now. If you pay $10 for one you went to a really expensive store.

What causes a 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager not to start?

It is possible that all the vehicle needs is a tune up. One of the most common problems with a vehicle that will not start is a clogged fuel filter.

Can a fuel filter cause Problems with stalling?

Yes, if it's clogged up.

What happens when you put too much oil in a car?

Overfilling your engine with oil can cause the oil to foam and get sucked up into the crankcase ventilation system. This is not a good thing. A clogged CV system will lead to buildup of pressure and that can blow out seals and cause severe oil leaks, especially on older engines. A severe leak on a long drive can drain enough oil from your engine for damage to occur.

What are possible causes my kitchen sink draining slowly?

it's clogged...

What does a PCV valve contro in ford trucks?

PCV stands for positive crankcase ventilation. It prevents an over pressure condition in your engines crankcase that could cause oil to be forced past the pistin rings into the firing chamnber. If your PCV is clogged you will probably see increased oil useage and on some vehicles gas mileage may be affected as well. On cars prior to PCV there was an open tube that vented excess pressure over the side. With PCV the pressure is vented into the intake manifold and used as part of the fuel/air mixture.

1991 Chevy Corsica stalls out when you begin to accelerate?

Possible problems: 1. Clogged Fuel Filter 2. Water in Fuel A. Bad Fuel Supply B. Blown Head Gasket

What could cause gas to get in the crankcase of 1994 ford ranger?

The fuel in the combustion chamber is not burning completely and seeping down the cylinder wall(s) into the crankcase. The spark plugs may be fouled or possibly one (or more) is not firing. You might also want to check for a clogged air filter.

Why does your 2003 GMC sierra stop running when you stop?

possible fuel pump problems, fuel pressure regulator problems, fuel filter plugged, air filter clogged, charcoal canister plugged. There are several issues that need to be checked. The above are places to start

Why does cold air come from the heater?

possible clogged or damaged heater core

What can a bad PVC valve do to your 2001 Chevy silverado truck?

if clogged it can cause excessive crankcase pressure create engine oil leaks,saturate oil with combustion fumes (dilute oil) cause idle problems or buzz like crazy at idle. also it can make you fail emissions test at mv inspection

Would a oil filter and change fix acceleration problems?

No. Oil circulation has nothing to do with acceleration. A fuel filter change on the other hand may help. Things that cause poor acceleration include clogged fuel filter, clogged air filter, need of a tune up, some electrical problems or a clogged catilytic convertor.

Do chimney caps become clogged in heavy snow?

Yes, these can be clogged in heavy snow and after heavy use. Just make sure to clean these regularly and you should have no problems with using it.

Why is there no have heat in a 98 dodge Dakota?

A possible cause could be that you have a clogged heater core.

Why does your Jetta TDI stutter when you accelerate?

Check for clogged converter (1 possible cause)

What is one possible reason for the clogged drain?

It could be an algae buildup in the condensate drain.

Will your air conditioning unit freeze up if your air filter is clogged?

It's possible.