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Defective flasher.

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Q: Why does turn signal stop working?
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Why would the right inside and outside turn signal stop working on a car?

Check the fuses on the car, or the signal bulbs.

What do you do when your turn lights on a 1999 grand Cherokee Laredo stop working?

Try replacing the turn signal flasher

1995 Pontiac Sun fire the left turn signal does not work the right turn signal does?

Check the bulbs. A failed bulb can often cause the signal to stop working on that side.

Why would the turn signals stop working on my 2003 F150?

most likely would be a bad turn signal flasher

What could cause the brake lights to stop working on a 1992 Camaro RS if the bulbs and fuse check out ok?

If the turn signal is working it's either the brake light switch or the turn signal switch.

Why your blinkers stop working on your 04 Monte Carlo?

you probably need a new turn signal flasher .

You think the factory alarm is stopping your car Chevy Monte Carlo 2001 from starting?

My turn signal stop working know my car will not start if the turn signal is up or down

Why only turn on the front signal and the back signal no turn on?

if the front signal is working and the back doesn't, the light is probably blown.

Why would the windshield wipers stop working when the turn signal is used on a 1984 Crown Victoria?

You probably have a faulty multi-function(turn siganl) switch.

What are some reasons why the turn signals would stop working on a 1992 Honda Accord?

Turn signal relay needs to be replaced. If you turn on the hazard (emergency) switch, all the signal lights should come on. This says the lights are okay.

Where can you find a diagram of the turn signal flashers in a 1991 Chrysler New Yorker?

When parts stop working, a diagram can help pinpoint the cause. The diagram for the turn signal lights on this car can be found in its maintenance manual.

Why did the stop light turn red?

because it is the signal to stop

Right turn signal not working for 92 Chevy lumina?

A turn signal not working on a 92 Chevy Lumina may be out because of a burnt out bulb. If you replace the bulb and it is still not working, the turn signal switch may need to be replaced. You can get the switch replaced by a mechanic.

What causes the turn signal and brake lights to stop working but the front turn signal work blinking fast?

Check to see if the brake lamp and turn signal lamp are the same bulb. If so, its a bad bulb. See sources and related links below to lookup bulb information.

What to do when signal lights are not working?

Either hand signal or check and replace your fuses and turn signal bulbs.

Why would the left turn signal indicator stop flashing and indicator light?

You have a turn signal light-bulb out .

Turn signals not working fuses are ok?

replace turn signal flasher

Why does your turn signal flash rapidly and your bulbs are working?

Your "turn solenoid" is defective.

What is wrong with my 95 neon the turn signal flasher won't stop?

the turn signal relay is stuck and needs to be replaced

What makes turn signal on a 1983 regal stop or make the flasher come on when turning turn signal on?

Flasher relay.

Turn signal not working on a 2000 Chrysler 300 M?

Check bulbsCheck fuseCheck turn signal flasher

Just replaced multifunction switch in 1998 Lincoln navigator because turn signals were not working Turn signal still not working What is the problem?

Did you happen to check the turn signal flasher before you installed the switch?

Why did your left turn signal and brake light stop working on a 2003 ford ranger?

I noticed in the fuse panel diagram that fuse # 3 , a 7.5 amp fuse for the Left Stop / Turn Trailer Tow Connector is listed .

Your Turn signal on your 98 sebring stop working you have changed the fuse and it still does not work how do you fix?

Check the bulb and the flasher. Check the bulb and the flasher.

07 ford f150 left turn signal is extremely faster than right All lights work except left rear turn signal?

Replacing the non-working bulb for left turn should resolve the problem and it will stop the cops from pulling you over too.