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Why does war start in the first place?

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disagreement between countries Maybe because you have to protect yourself

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When did first carnatic war took place?

The first carnatic war took place between 1744-1748

When did the First war of Independence start?

The first war of independence started on 1857.

What war took place first Civil war world war1 or American revolution?

If you mean the US civil war then the Revolutionary war took place the first.

When did the first war start?


When did the first Seminole war start?

the first seminole war went from 1817 to 1818

What ship sank to start World War I?

The first ship sunk was the 'Athena', but this did not start the war.....

How was president Kennedy involved in the Vietnam war?

he did not want the Vietnam war to start in the first place, but a bunch of rednecks ameriicans disagreed with him, and he ended up getting assassinated by a Jew .

When did the trenches first start?

the trenches first started in 1914, the start of world war 1.

Did people want World War 1 to start?

No! People did not want the first world war to start.

What is the first war the us navy took place in?

The first war the US Navy to PART in was the Revolutionary War.

Where did the first shot of the American revolutionary war take place?

The first shots of the American Revolutionary war took place in Lexington, Massachusetts.

What year did the Napoleonic war start?

The first war began in 1803

How did world war 2 start in the first place?

Short story: The Germans invaded Poland, September 1939, and broke the Treaty of Versailles.

Where did the First world war start?


Was Germany the first place to start recycling?


Did Irvin McDowell start the first battle of the civil war?

nope because he was the first to start the battle of manassas but not the whole war South Carolina did that

When did the first war take place?


When was first world war started and ended?

the first wolrd war was start from 1914, and ends on 1918.

Where did the first Boer war take place exactly?

The first Boer War took place in the Transvaal after the Boers declared Transvaal an independent republic.

Did the Americans start the Mexican-American war?

They declared war first.

When did the First Punic War start?

In 264 BC.

Where did World War 2 first start?


When did the first war of independence start in India?


Where did the first world war start in the world?


Why did World War 1 and 2 take place in china?

It took place because they start it about to get there land to have a big place and then from there to another place!!