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The water bubbles up because of cohesion.

Cohesion: the force of attraction that holds together a substance's molecules; cohesion is strongest in solids, weaker in liquids, and weakest in gases.

The water doesn't spread out evenly all over the penny because the H2O molecules are so strongly attracted to each other (opposites attract, so yeah, hydrogen is pos. and oxygen is neg, so one H2O molecule is attracted to another one, either through the hydrogen molecules or the oxygen molecules) that it forms a bead because they're all grouping up together.

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Why you can not see any bubble near the electrodes?

if we do not add few drops of dilute sulfuric acid to the water we can not see any bubble in it.

Do pure waters have more surface tension than soapy waters?

Yes, pure water is a one molecule based structure, which hold together better than a mixture. When soap or other chemical is added, it breaks surface tension by getting in the way of each water molecule. Try putting water drops on a penny to build a bubble, then add a small drop of soap to it, you'll see that when soap is added, the water bubble collapses.

How can hardened plasticine be made soft?

Add water drops this will make it

Why can you fit more fresh water drops on a nickel then soapy water drops?

Because the hydrogen molecules in water want to stay connected and once you add soap it messes with the bonds and and they don't stay bonded as strongly. Also the mass and density of the water changes when you add soap.

If you water plants with a solution of honey and water does it affect the plant?

yes it does it can help the plant if you add a couple of drops of it

Why does water sit on a penny instead of spilling over the side?

It's because of surface tension. Water molecules cohere (are attracted to) all of their surrounding molecules. Molecules on the surface of water aren't attracted to molecules above it because there aren't any. This creates a net force that pulls them inward. This creates a dome shape on the penny. And when you add more drops and the gravity becomes stronger than the attraction, it spills.

Examples of diffusion of gas in liquid?

Some examples of diffusion of gas in liquid include when you add drops of food coloring to water or when you add bleach to water to clean something.

How do you make milk tea?

VERY VERY simple take normal tea or what ever type u like Boil water Add boiling water to tea Add sugar And lots of milk If you want it like bubble tea add a full or half cup of ice then it should get cold (When making bubble tea Add more sugar then normal)

Why is it important to be sure that no drops of water cling to the cylinder in the water displacement method?

The drops of water could potentially add to the volume of an object, affecting the position of the meniscus. This will essentially give one inaccurate results when measuring volume.

Why add water to a trangia meths burner?

Adding a few drops of water helps to prevent the black soot sticking to the bottom of your cookware. Don't add too much though!

How can you become a mermaid like the girls in H20 Just add water?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's impossible :(

How does baking soda change the temperature of water?

it changes it because when you add baking soda to water it starts to bubble/boil up which mean when something bubble that mean that the temperature is rising because water boils at 100 degrees so therefor baking soda has some type of chemical that makes it bubble up

What can you use to purify water?

if it has bacteria in it, you take a coffee filter and strain it through there. then for every pint/quart if it looks clean, you add 2 drops of bleach. if it looks dirty, for every pint/quart add 4 drops.

Why should you add 8 drops of urine in the Benedict test?

why should you add 8 drops of urine in the Benedicts test

What can you do if your playdo dries out?

Add 1 to 2 drops of warm water and rub it until it becomes moist again.

Will placing a copper penny in the bottom of a vase help to keep flowers fresh?

Yes, the copper of the penny acts as a fungicide. You should also add vinegar to the water to help make the water more acidic.

How do you keep a Britta from getting moldy?

clean it with a solution of vinegar and water. Keep slices of lemon or add a few drops of lemon juice to water.

How do you make bubble solution by just using dish saop water and sugar?

you can make a bubble solution by using; 1/2 dish soap 1 1/2 water 2 teaspoon of sugar first add 1/2 dish soap in a cup or bowl, then add to the 1/2 dish soap 1 1/2 of water and finally add 2 teaspoon of sugar!!! AND THEN YOU CAN HAVE FIN

Do putting eye drops in your urine help you pass a drug test?

depending if you do the process correctly yes. be for you urinate in the cup add two drops then after add two more. add some water mix it up and you should pass. also drink a lot of cranberry juice before the test.

What happens when you don't add gum base to bubble gum?

you don't get bubble gum that's for sure

I have an AIR bubble in my in ground cleaning system how to you fix?

I have an air bubble in my in ground swimming pool does one get the air out. ? Can you open top off motor when running motor to add water to prime motor???

How do you make a teal colored egg?

Add one tsp. or vinegar and 15 green drops of food coloring and 5 drops of blue food coloring into 1/2 cup of boiling water. Dip hard, cooked eggs into water for 5 minutes or longer. Once the dye has dried, it won't come off. You can add a few more drops of blue to get a more turquoise color.

Can bubbles be made with water?

Bubbles cannot just be made with plain water; you need to add soap or something else like that. Shampoo, bubble bath, soap etc...

Can you make dressing the night before Thanksgiving?

Absolutely! Stick it in the refrigerator; then when you want to eat it, just add a few drops of water and reheat.

Will baking soda and a water bubble make a liquid plumber?

Add white vinegar to the baking soda, which will create a fizz that may clear the drain.