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The a/c drain is plugged up. The drain is located on the underside of the car, where the firewall meets the floor pan. It may or may not look like a little piece of rubber tubing. You CAN attempt to clear it out yourself but the preferred method is using compressed air. If you go to any gas station or service shop and ask them to blow out your evaporator drain, they should be able to do it in a few minutes, for minimal cost. If you have a regular mechanic you go to, you can even wait until your next oil change and ask him to blow out the drain while he has the car up on the lift.

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Water in floor on drivers side 88 Chevy truck?

sounds like it could be a bad heater core. that usually leaks into the passanger side floor.

2002 ford e250 when it rains the drivers and pass floor gets wet?

I would check your AC evaporator drain tube , if clogged water will drip on floor.

Why is water leaking into the drivers side floor on your car?

If it's not related to outside weather, then check the drain for your AC condenser.

I have standing water in both the front floor and rear floor of drivers side of my 1996 Chevy.Were would i look to fix it?

The source of the water is probably from faulty or failed window seals surrounding your front & rear windsheilds.

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Where is the water leaking from on the drivers floor pan when it rains on a 1994 Buick Century?

The drain line for the cowl is stopped up or the windshield is leaking.

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Where in a kia 2003 spectra is the water pump located?

where is the water pump located in a 2003 Kia

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Why is there a puddle of water in my car?

If you have a sunroof, there could be a blockage inthe tubing that usually funnles the water out. I had this happen to me twice and the water ends up in the drivers side back floor mat. Left a window open during thunderstorm?

What is making the drivers floor board wet?

if its not heater cole ...it could be water getting in from outside your car vents near the wipers clog up with leaves etc.

1995 Pontica Grand Am with water all in the drivers floor board Is this a heater core?

Probably, although it might be a heater hose. You will have to access the core in either case. If it smells like anti freeze then you may have a leak. If it is water then check your windshield seal. I have seen water leak down through the window post to the floor.

When it rains water comes into car on the drivers side in the front and back sides?

The same thing happens to my car. It is the door seal. Try using the water hose and looking for where the water is coming in.

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Water inside car on drivers side floor 1986 Lincoln?

something with the AC contact a Lincoln dealer and they can tell you more about what you need to do. you will most likely have to take it to the shop.

What causes a water leak in the drivers side floor board in a 2002 sante fe?

It is either a leaking heater core or the air conditioning evaporator drain plug is clogged.

Kia spectra tail lights collect water?

My 2003 Kia Spectra constantly gets water in the tail light. I found cracks and must seal them with silicone. Check for cracks and make sure the rubber gasket that wraps it is intact.

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Where do you look if brake lights not working on 2004 Cadillac CTS?

pull up the carpet on the drivers side rear floor and see if theres water. We just had this problem, the water shorted out the brakelight which cost $750.00 @ the dealership. Still having water coming in!

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