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Water does not particularly want to form a dome, or it would be better to say, form a droplet, on a dirty surface.

See related questions below.

Water forms droplets when the cohesion of water with itself is larger than the adhesion of water to the surface.

A dirt surface cold be anything; hydrophobic or hydrophilic, soluble or insoluble, rough or smooth, hot or cold.

All these things matter.

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Why does water placed on a smooth dry surface will form a dome-shaped droplet instead of flowing outward in different directions?

This is because of the surface tension of the water.

What property of water allows a dome of water to form over the edge of a glass when you add more water to a glass that is already full?

Surface Tension

Describe how a dome mountain can eventually form out of magma that hardened beneath earths surface?

A dome mountain forms when rising magma is blocked by horizantal layers of rock.

What is surface water?

Surface water is the water that is available on the ground surface. Examples: river water, water in the lake, etc., there are other kinds of waters like atmospheric water in the form of moisture and ground water in the form of acquifers etc.,... Ocean water is NOT a type of surface water--basically, surface water is a drinkable water source.surface water is the water that is avaible on the ground water

What is any form of water that reaches earths surface?

Any form of water that reaches earths surface is called PRECIPITATION

The drops of water that form on surface near the ground?

The drops of water that form on the earths surface are called dew. They are a result of evaporation and condensation.

What is it called when water sticks together to form a surface?

Surface Tension

What are two ways in which mountains can form as a result of magma hardening beneath Earth's surface?

Dome mountain and bathilith. ( I think! )

Does Neptune have water on the surface?

yes it has water, in form of ice

Which of these is a form of moving surface water?

a stream

When you breathe out onto a cold surface why do water droplets form?

When u breathe out on a cold surface, water droplets form because of the moisture in your breathe.

Compare and contrast lava plateaus and dome mountains?

Both landforms develop as a result of the upward movement of molten material. Lava plateaus are high, level areas that form when thin, runny lava repeatedly erupts on the surface. In contrast, dome mountains are high, dome-shaped areas that form when hardened magma is uplifted and bends the layers of rock above it into a dome.

What do water droplets form?

water droplets form when a cold surface touches a hotter surrounding air and condenses to form water droplets

What happens to the water that evaporates from the earth surface?

This water form clouds.

What is a noun form of dirty?

The noun form of the adjective 'dirty' is dirtiness.The word 'dirty' is the adjective form of the noun dirt.

How does water return to the earth's surface?

Water returns to Earth's surface as rain, sleet,or snow which is in form of precipitation.

What type of water is most likely to float on the surface of the ocean?

Ice is a form of water that will float on the surface of the ocean.

Is dirty an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb. Dirty is an adjective, where the adverb form is "dirtily."

How a dome mountain can eventually form out of magma that are hardened beneath earth's surface?

A dome mountains forms when rising magma is blocked by horizontal layers of rock. The magma forces the layers of rock to bend upward into a dome shape. Eventually, the rock above the dome mountain wears away, living it exposed.

Why does water milfoil's flowers form above the surface of the pond?

The flowers form above the surface of the pond so that they can be pollenated.

Where did the bubbles form when the water boils?

Below the surface

Ice tends to form at the?

Surface of bodies of water.

Springs form where?

Springs form where the water table intersects the ground surface

Water is returned to the earth's surface in the form of?

Water is primarily returned to the Earth's surface in the form of precipitation, such as rain, snow, hail, and where ground water flows into an area that is lower than itself.

Why do bubble of soap form in higher proportion than water bubble?

It is to do with surface tension. Water has a certain surface tension caused by the bonding between water molecules. This surface tension can be observed when we see dust floating on the surface of water rather than sinking or small insects skipping across the surface of water. Bubbles of air have to overcome the surface tension to exist. Generally, water bubbles do not last as the water molecules get pulled back to the surface. Soap lowers the surface tension of the water, therefore, bubbles can form.