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If that water is engine coolant, the heater core is leaking.

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Q: Why does water leak on passenger side floorboard s10?
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Why would you find coolant on your passenger side floorboard?

A damaged heater core will cause coolant or water to leak onto the passenger floorboard.

What causes water leak on passenger side floorboard?

plugged evaporator drain tube or the heater core has gone bad

What could be causing water to leak into the floorboard of a car in the front and rear passenger side but not under the seat?

definatly the heater core

Why is there radiator water leaking on the passenger side floorboard of Hyundai Excel?

This would be caused by a leaking heater core, or a leak in the plumbing associated with it.

When heater is on windows fog up no water leaks?


Water in floorboard?

Passenger's side? Could be a leaking heater core

Why does the driver side Jeep floorboard fill with water?

Either your windshield or driver's side window has a major leak

Why is there water leaking on the passenger side floorboard of your Chevy Monte Carlo?

bad door seals

Why does 2011 Jeep Wrangler leak below the door when it rains on the passenger side and flood the floorboard?

Check the door seal under the door, it may be bad.

Why is water on the passsenger side of your car front and back What could be the problem?

The most likely culprit is the heater core.. its usually located under the dash on the passenger side.. if it starts leaking you will have water on the passenger side floorboard.. also the radiator fluid will be low.. Another possibility is the drain from the ac is clogged... alowing condenced water from the ac process to dump in the passenger side floorboard.. the heater core and the ac drain are located in the same area...

What can cause an antifreeze leak in the drivers side floorboard?

heater core

What causes water leak into passenger side on ford fiesta 2003?

A water leak from the radiator in to the passenger compartment is usually a sign of a leak in the heater core. If the water is not from the radiator then there may be a leak in a window or door seal, or a hole in the undercarriage that is allowing water from the road to soak the carpet..

Where is s14 ecu located in the car?

passenger side, down by the floorboard.

Why is the passenger side floorboard wet on your 2007 Ford Five Hundred?

Either the heater core is leaking or you have a leak at the windshield or the cowl. If the fluid tastes sweet it is coolant and your heater core is leaking.

What causes a water leak on the passenger side floorboard in the rear of a 1998 Plymouth neon?

I have a 98 neon .it had the same problem. take your tail lights out and put a thick bead of silicone where that gasket is between the body and the tailight and it should solve your problem. remove the gasket

Where is the fuel pump inertia switch located on a 2000 f250 7.3 diesel?

passenger side floorboard, under carpet or behind trim molding on the right side of floorboard

Where is the computer located on a 1995 Honda accord lx?

passenger side floorboard

Where is the ecm on 1994 geo prizm?

Passenger side floorboard under carpet.

Fuel filter location 1990 Corvette?

Under the passenger side floorboard/frame area.

How does water leak into back passenger section on driver side?

Sunroof drains are clogged.

How do you fix water leak on passenger side?

You tape it up with duct tape dhuuu!

Where is the water leak in your 94 Saturn SC2 that gets your floor mats wet?

check your blower motor, located under the dash board. its on the passenger side. if the leak is on the drivers side, i have no clue. but my hubby's car is leaking water from the blower motor on the passenger side. found out at the car wash...

Why is water leaking onto the front passenger side floorboard of 89 Honda civic?

your ac might be clogged or your draining hose is clogged. its in that area

Why does your Ford Taurus get water on the passenger side floor?

Probably have a leak in the heater core>

Why is your ac leaking water inside your Pontiac Vibe on the passenger side floorboard?

because your ovberflow or condenture tube is clogged remove it and just blow it out with air