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Soap molecules are opposing. While one end tends to stick to water, the opposite end repels it. Suds are caused by this action. Soap molecules surround water molecules, and the parts of the molecules that repel the water point in a direction away from the water.

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Why does soap repel pepper?

because the water has molecules and soap destroys surface tension of water.

What is foam made of soap and water called?


What is the state of matter for foam soap?

Foam soap is a liquid.

Can demineralized water generate foam from soap?

Yes, it is possible.

Why do you say that soup gets wasted if hard water is used for cleansing purpose?

Hard water contains the salts of calcium and magnesium, which neutralize the soap. So that more or less amount of soap is precipitated before you get the effect of soap on the water. Only after you have wasted the certain amount of soap, you get the foam in the water. The ability of soap to clean the clothes comes only after foam formation.

Why does foam form?

FOAM IS CREATED THROUGH EITHER HEAT, soap plus water or many other chemical reactions

Will foam or liquid soap get off the most bacteria?

I'd say that the foam soap will work best because I tested out both liquid and foam soap and foam got off the most bacteria.

Can you put Adidas fit foam sandals in the washer?

No but you can wash them with soap and water! I do

What chemical reaction does foamy fountain cause?

Foam is a solution of soap in water.

Can you swim in a pool that has foam in it?

Depends on how thick the foam is and how much. Some pool chemicals cause a foam on the surface of the water when added to the pool water, but if you added dish soap to the water that foam would ruin the pool filter and swimming in it wouldn't be good.

Is foaming soap effective?

The foam caused by the soap is not that affective in breaking up the fat molecules, but the soap which breaks the water tension. Water molecules have a habit of falling in upon themselves. The soap loosens up the water to make it softer.

Why does dawn dish soap repel pepper?

Soap breaks the surface tension of water. Pepper will only float where there is strong surface tension.

Why does soap get foamy?

water causes a chemical reaction which causes it to foam and become slippery

How does spongebob take a shower?

in the movie he eats a bar of soap and fills his body with water then shoots out foam and then walks out of a foam door clean

Why does soap foam?

Soap has good surface tension, which makes it easier to form bubbles. Foam is just lots of bubbles.

How would you use the phrase soap and foam in a sentence?

Soap and foam will leave a ring of scum around your bathtub that you will have to scrub.

How do I make foaming soap?

You can put the soap cut with a little water into a foam soap dispenser. If you are talking about making a foamier bar soap milk, honey, or coconut oil can create foamier ones.

How do you make foam soap?

You can use regular liquid soap & water to make foaming soap. You want the mixture to be about 20-30% soap, and 70-80% water. (I've read different suggestions on how much soap you should use.) I've also read you should probably not use moisturizing soap - it can clog the pump. You'll need one of those foaming soap pumps in order to make the soap foam, but you could certainly use an old one after rinsing it out.

How do you use the word foam in a sentence?

the foam soap was soft on my hands.

How do you make a homemade ant killer?

Foam soap, lime juice, iced tea, and water. take the foam off the top and drizzle it on the top of the ants. i did this. it works. wait 5 minutes for the killer to work in. the soap will fade. blow on the soap. the ant will be dead.

What does pepper separtaing in a bowl of water when added in soap have to do with science?

pepper is a different chemical to that of detergent and therefore they repel

Why is foam of any color soap white?

soap can be in any colour

Who invented the foam soap dispenser?

The foam soap dispenser was invited by the Dutch company called Airspray, about 15 years ago.

How do you no if you have hard water?

The water wouldn't form lather(foam) with soap,it would waste soap. It could be cold because most hard water are cold. Solution is boiling,using detergents because it dissolv es than solid or bar soap.

What is the mysterious foaming agent used in the liquid to operate a foam party machine?

The liquid is a solution of soap in water.

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