Why does white liquid come out of your vagina?


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That white liquid comes out of vagina because of masturbation.

The discharge changes when you ovulate and can turn whiteish.


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There's nothing wrong with it, this is discharge - this is how your vagina remains clean and healthy.

When people have sex, in a girl there is this whiteish gooey liquid. It can be clear or white. It come out of the vagina. This helps the guy's penis go into and out of the girl's vagina better!

well when guys get horney they get a boner but when a girl gets horney that clear liquid comes out their vagina its normal

It will be a white cloudy liquid.

It could be discharge from a yeast infection.

The white stuff that comes out of your vagina after sex is your mates sperm. It's normal. Don't Panick!

It's Called, "Female Ejaculation" I beleive.

The same reason a creamy white substance would come out of a woman's vagina. There is an infection and she needs antibiotics!

Yes, there's nothing dangerous about it.

the liquid comes out as a way of cleaning the vagina or to lubricate it as a physical reaction of pressure on the vagina

If it is very white liquid to soupy and has white clumps in it that looks like cottage cheese, it is most likely a yeast infection. Yeast causes intense itching on the vulva and at the vagina.

if its white it might be a yeast infection but if its clear it might be a sighn you'll have a period soon...

no, its just discharge dont worry its normal

It depends on the situation. White liquid can be normal vaginal discharge for some females during masturbation. It could be caused by some type of infection. If the white liquid has a fowl odor, then that is a good sign that something is not right and i would highly recommend seeing your OB/GYN as soon as possible. Most vaginal infections can be cured with medications your doctor can prescribe.

Sperm - semen, really - is liquid, so some of it can leak out.

usually it is a sign of infection, best thing to do is schedule an appt with a gyn asap

that sounds more like you just ejaculated in there... which can and does lead to pregnancy..

Hi, There is nothing to worry about, it is all natural. When you are sexually aroused, your vagina produces a clear liquid - the vaginal fluid. It is the way your body responds on you are sexually excited. It will continue to flow out, whenever you are turned on. There are other vaginal fluids. If you see a white liquid occasionally, it could be the excretion by the vagina of the combination of dead cells, or it could come out when you have an orgasm. Female ejaculation, is commonly called 'squirt'. It is a rare phenomenon, and occurs only sometimes, or in some women. I hope this was helpful.

A head can only come out of a vagina when born.

Your description does not say what sort of liquid, but if it was sperm and it got into the vagina, then pregnancy is possible but not certain.

Leukorrhea is the medical term meaning white or yellowish discharge from the vagina.

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