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burning oil or jim White smoke can be a indication of a leaking head gasket. Keep a eye on the coolant levels just in case. Gray smoke at start-up is a indication of worn valve guides.

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Q: Why does white smoke appear every time you start your 1993 Acura Legend LS?
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Why does smoke come through my vents on my Acura Legend?

my 96 acura 2.5 tl did the same thing, turns out i had a crack in my manifold. this can be welded for about $20 bucks, but labor is about $200.

Acura Legend 91 over heats?

Explain what it is doing! is water coming out of the tail pipe? do you see white smoke coming out of the tail pipe?

Why would a 95 Acura Legend have a lot of white smoke particularly when you take off after a stoplight but the temp gauge never fluctuates and it has never overheated?

White smoke is a sure sign that coolant is getting into your engine. This be caused by a number of things including a blown head gasket or a cracked head.

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92 Acura Legend smoking from exhaust some at idle more so when acceleratig but no overheating occurring or coolant issues. AC works great. Please what could cause this?

White smoke indicates coolant burning, usually a blown head gasket. Blue smoke indicates it is burning oil, usually piston rings. Black smoke is too much fuel and can be anything to a leaky injector to a dirty air filter.

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If a 1991 Acura Legend is losing transmission fluid but it is not leaking out where could it be going?

If your transmission has a vaccume shift modulator, the Engine will suck the transmission fluid out & sometimes if the modulator is real BAD U will have smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe. If this is an automatic, and the car is blowing some white smoke, the diaphragm in the transmission modulator is bad. If this is the case, you will have to replace the whole modulator.

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1992 Acura Legend LS coupe is overheating but the heator is not blowing hot there is a little smoke out the tailpipe only when the temperature has gone beyond the normal range?

Most likely your thermostat has gone bad. Cheap and easy repair. If its white smoke coming out the pipe it may be a head gasket,,the smoke is acutally steam vaporating out the chamber thru the tailpipe...if it starts a second then stops you may have just gotten away from a going bad engine and itsw the thermostat..have it checked..

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