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The white smoke is water left in the muffler, it is drawn in when engine is shut off. It smell like gasoline, because the engine is burning one third of the gas, and discharging the rest with exhaust.

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Q: Why does white smoke from exhaust smells like gas?
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What causes white smoke that smells like burnt oil from the exhaust?

Head gasket

What can cause white smoke from the exhaust that smells sweet?

Sounds like you have a coolant leak.

What does it mean when your exhaust smoke is white on a 1992 Geo Metro?

If white smoke smells like anti-freeze, it is more than likely a head gasket.

You have thick white smoke coming out of your exhaust smells like oil whats wrongalso has oil coming out exhaust pipe?

Maybe a blown head gasket

How do know when you have a crack head on your 1987 grand marquis?

Telltale sign is WHITE smoke coming from the exhaust that smells like Antifreeze.

Your subaru legacy smells like smoke at 45 mph?

probably an exhaust leak, at or near the exhaust manifold

Whats wrong when there is white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe of your car and smells like burnt tires?

sounds like a blown gasket, allowing coolant to enter the cylinders.

When a rocket ship is launched going to outer space what causes all that white smoke?

It's fuel exhaust, like the exhaust from a car. Like a car the largest component of rocket exhaust (at least from the combustion of its hydrogen fuel) is water, The white "smoke" you see is essentially steam like you get from a hot kettle/.

Why does my car's exhaust smells like bleach?

don't ever smell your car's exhaust.

Why do i have thick white smoke coming out of the exhaust of my kawasaki's cub cadet and it looks like oil and smells like its mixed with gasoline?

There is a crack in your crankcase. It will be hard to find due to many problems that can cause it. 1, oil pump is clogged. That is the most common. But if it is already spitting out white smoke it might be to late. I hope I got this to you in time. Good luck. Auston

Daewoo nubira shuddering when idle and smoke coming from exhaust?

sounds like you have head gasket problem if the exhaust smoke is white in colour then its engine coolant if its blue smoke then its burning oil you will need to get the engine pressure tested at a garage.

Why car smells like gasoline when running?

because of the exhaust

Car exhaust smells like rotten eggs?

The car exhaust smells like the rotten eggs as a result of the hydrogen sulphide. This usually happens, when the engine is not serviced for a long time.

Why is white smoke coming out of your exhaust in your Nissan 240sx?

Sounds like engine coolant is getting into an engine cylinder

What causes white smoke from exhaust pipe in the morning?

the "smoke" is always there when you breathe in the morning, when its cold, you see like a mist, that what that is, its just you usually cant see it

What might be the cause of white smoke coming from the exhaust of a Ford Expedition?

It could be as simple as bad plugs... Or as hard and costly like a head gasket. Put your hand over the exhaust. And check if it smells like antifreeze. If so it could be a bad head gasket. check your oil and see if it is mixing. If so angain it could be a head gasket.

98 mystique cloud of white smoke coming out of tailpipe and smells like oil diagnostic test run no error codes take PCV off no smoke put it back on cloud of smoke?

== ==

What would be the cause of oil coming out of the engine where the exhaust meets and white smoke coming from the exhaust in a 93 Pontiac Sunbird?

White smoke in the exhaust, more so on a cold start. That's steam. Water is getting into the combustion chamber. Most likely coolant. Put your hand in the white smoke to capture the odor. (don't burn yourself) What does your hand smell like? Coolant (anti-freeze & water) smells sweet. Likeliest cause = head gasket. Possible = cracked head - depending on how hot it got. Less likely = cracked intake manifold. you have a gasket problem and need to have it looked at immediately

What would cause a 93 jeep Cherokee to have white or gray smoke only when it runs for awhile gets very hot and smells like something burning?

When you see white or grey smoke coming out the exhaust more than likely you have water in your engine. when it first begins it smokes a little but when the problem gets worse, it will smoke alot. Your head is either cracked or warped, this will cause your engine to get real hot.

What does a volcano smell like when it eruptes?

it smells like smoke and fire.

What does Smoking Smell like?

It smells terrible it smells like old gas from the car when people smoke their teeth get ruined

Why is my 86 rx7 blowing out white smoke and it wont stop but runs fine?

When you mean its blowing out white smoke... you mean out from the exhaust pipe right? Not anywhere from under the hood or inside the car? Usually when white smoke comes out the exhaust it means that its not burning the fuel all the way... smell around if it smells like gas. If you smell fuel then check things like the fuel injectors - they can be leaking and need replacing...or maybe just the injector ring need 2 be replaced. Check compression. Check if their are any vacuum leaks and check intake system. hey bro it sounds like ur coolant seals are bad

Why White smokecomes out tailpipe that smells like coolant?

You have a blown head gasket. Open your radiator while the engine is running. You should find exhaust coming from it.

Why does white smoke come out of your vents when you turn on your heater in your car?

If it is smoke the heater fan motor has failedORElectronics in the heater have failed ORif it smells like anti freeze rather than smoke the heater core has failed.

Why my car smells like gas when you put the heat on?

Likely an exhaust leak