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Answer : Bucking RAV4A:This is called "throttle sticking". It is caused by the evaporating gasoline in the intake manifold turning to varnish on the throttle plate. Normally your dealer should clean this plate at each 15,000 mile service.

You can clean this yourself if you want to try. You will need an old tooth brush, a can of carb cleaner (available at any discount store) and a Phillips screwdriver. You need to take the large black tube off the throttle body then while holding the throttle plate open spray some carb cleaner into the chamber. Then use the tooth brush to clean the walls and the throttle plate. It may take a couple of tries to get it clean and varnish free. Then reconnect the large tube and start the engine. It will not start right up, since you added the carb cleaner, but after a little longer cranking it should fire up (and yes smoke for a short time). Once cleaned the idle should return to normal and the gas pedal should stop sticking in the morning. If the check engine light came on after doing the cleaning just remove the EFI fuse from the fuse panel under the hood for about 60 sec. and it should reset.

Got this answer from another forum, I tried it and it worked for me. 2000 RAV4.

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Q: Why does your '98 Toyota Rav4 buck and jump during take-off and while driving?
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