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It dedends on the colour of the smoke and from where you see it coming. Be4st bet is to pull over next time it happens and pop your hood , carefully because it might be oil dripping onto an exhaust pipe or manifold somewhere.Follow the smoke to its source THIS SHOULD BE EASY TO DO.

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What can cause the white smoke on your BMW?

overheating of the engine.

What causes a car to make white smoke from under the hood?

white smoke can be either your car overheating, or smoke from an electrical issue

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Can a bad oxygen sensor cause overheating and white white smoke from the exhaust on a 1992 Honda civic?

it would cause overheating but the smoke is probally coming from some sort of water or antifreeze in combustion chamber

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1995 Camaro 3.4 V6 is overheating white smoke?

white smoke blown head gasket that's for sure..........................................................

Does LIGHTS Poxleiner smoke?


Your 95 is overheating you changed the thermostat and it is still overheating and lots of smoke is coming out the tale pipe?

White smoke from the exhaust indicates you have a blown head gasket or cracked head. Stop driving the car until this is repaired or you will do serious damage to the engine.

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Why would a 98 Nissan Maxima start smoking white smoke all of a sudden?


What is wrong with your car if the engine cuts off and the car starts to smoke?

It means the car is overheating.

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Is it illegal to smoke out tail lights in NJ?


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Why would there be white smoke coming from the hood of a 1999 Hyundai Accent GS?

Overheating or coolant leak.

Your 2009 Chevy is blowing out white smoke and overheating what does this mean?

Sounds like a bad head gasket

What if there is smoke coming from the drive belt area at the left of the engine of a 97 mercury sable but it is not the belt?

remove drive belt and check all pulley wheels for freedom of movement sounds like a pulley wheel is bad, probably the belt tensioner pulley

Is there Mercury in cigarettes?

Cigarette smoke contains up to 11.5 nanograms of mercury per cigarette in mainstream smoke and up to 16.6 nanograms of mercury per cigarette in side stream smoke. A nanogram is a billionth of a gram. Mercury is a heavy metal that exists in many places throughout the earth. As a result, some of the food we eat contains varying trace levels of mercury. The same applies to tobacco.

Why does your hornby train smoke and spark?

The sparks are caused by the train burning off dust etc. from the track. The smoke is either the train overheating or a side-effect of the sparks

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