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check your timing chain

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Q: Why does your 1984 F-150 Idle fine but will cut out and loose power when accelerated?
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Can you install a 1996 F150 dash into a 1984 F150?

Im not sure, but why the hell would you want to do this?

What is the gear ratio in a stock 1984 Ford F150?

A good majority of the 1984 Ford F150 gear ratio had 3.00 gears for the stock. In addition, the spline should be a 31.

How much horse power does a 1995 f150 with a 351 5.8 V8 have?

How much horse power does a 1995 f150 with a 351 5.8 V8 have?

What does sta mean on an alternator?

what does sta mean on a 1984 ford f150 alternator

Does a 1984 ford F150 6 cylinder have rotors or drums on the front?


How much power does a f150 4.6 have?

220 hp

What is the spark plug gap on 1984 ford f150 8 cly?

.044 inch

Why do i have 2 gas tanks on an ford F150 1984?

because its cool and you need them both

How much horse power does a stock 4.6L V8 2004 Ford F150 have?

231 bhp. and 300 for the 5.4L F150

How do you tighten loose side-view mirror on 2002 F150?

To tighten a loose side view mirror on a 2002 F150, take out the old screw and screw in a slightly larger one. It is also possible to tighten the mirror by using plumber's tape around the original screw.

What kind of oil should be used for a 1984 Ford F150?

10w30 is standard brand is up to you.

F150 1998 The power door locks failed but the unlock still works?

Your 1998 F150 has 3 relays for your power door locks : an all unlock relay / a driver unlock relay / and an ALL LOCK RELAY I'm guessing that the ALL LOCK RELAY has failed I'm sorry but I haven't found the location of the power lock/unlock relays on your F150 yet ( does anyone know the location of the power door lock / unlock relays on a 1998 F150 ? )

Why does my 1984 Ford F-150 302 v8 cuts out while moving?

why does my 1984 ford f150 302 v8 cut out while moving

Can you use different amp fuses than the fuse panel calls for in a 1984 ford F150?

Not recommended

How many gallons is a 1984 ford f150 regular cab short box gas tank?

16 gallons

1997 ford f150 wont start?

i had the problem with my 97 f150, the power wire to the computer had melted on the manifold and had to be replaced, check the wire to see if its grounding out

What type of power steering fluid does a 2010 ford F150 pickup use?

A 2010 Ford F150 pick-up uses automatic transmission fluid.

Why does the power window switch click on my ford f150?

Relay being activated

What is the horse power rating of a 302 in a 1987 ford f150?

175 hp

How much horse power did the 2006 f150 5.4l have?

I believe that is 300 horsepower

Why did my power windows quit working on my 1998 Ford F150 pickup?

the motor for your power windows is shot, or your wiring is gone

How do you install a fuel pump on a 1984 F150 4x4 6 cylinder?

when you buy the new one its usually comes with instructions

Why would there be a dead spot in low rpm of the 1984 ford f150 inline six cylinder engine?

advance your timing

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1984 F150 is it next to the alternator?

Lower front of engine - follow the fuel line from the carb.

Where can I buy a power mirror control switch for a 2003 Ford F150 Lariat?