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Black smoke is usually an indicator that the engine is getting too much fuel and it is not burning completely, leaving the black smoke. Blue smoke is usually oil.

Try replacing the fuel pressure regulator. It is located under the doghouse near the air filter pan. Unless you have small limber hands you will need to move the air filter pan to the left as you ar facing it, to access the 3 (three Allen screws which secure the regulator. Move that pan or you will experience plenty frustration.

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Q: Why does your 1986 Ford E-150 van blow black smoke out of the exhaust?
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Why do you have smoke coming out of your dash on the left side of your 1995 E150 van?


1994 ford e150 runs rich can not communicate with ecm?

I had the same Problem, blowing black smoke and getting only about 6 mpg. try the fuel regulator valve.Now i get 14 mpg, and no smoke whatsoever.

What is gear ratio on 1986 Ford E150 rear axle with code 16?

I believe that is 3.50

Location o2 sensors on 97 e150?

there are 4 on the car 2 in front of the cats 2 behind the cats on the exhaust pipes

How do you locate the catalytic converter on a 2002 Ford E150 van?

Crawl under the vehicle and look up at the exhaust system. The catalytic converter is the first part that looks like a muffler mounted in the exhaust system coming rearward from the engine.

Is your 1985 ford econoline e150 club van carborated?

according to a book I have E 150 vans did'NT have injection until 1986

How many catalytic converters on a ford e150?

I have a 1990 e150 and it has 2.

What Cause The Brake Light To Stay On then fade as going off on The Dash On A 1986 Ford E150 Van?

Check the brake fluid level in reservoir.

How do you replace the heater core on e150 1997?

How do i change the heater core on a 1997 ford e150

How much dos a 1986 ford van weigh?

Aprox curb weight, 4750 lbs depending on if it is an E150, E250, E350, engine size, wheel base and accessories.

What is the difference in an e150 ford van verses an e250?

e150 is a half ton and an e250 is a 3/4 ton

What is the towing capacity ford e150?

Max Towing Capacity(lbs) for model E150 is around 6400 lbs

Where is the heated oxygen sensor in a ford e150 van?

Since oxygen sensors are always in the exhaust system, that's where you'd find it. There are at least two and as many as four on any late model vehicle with a V-8.

Where is the fuse box on a 1994 ford e150 conversion van?

under the steering colum it has a black cover , it has a tab that says PULL it has the fuse layout but no lables.

Where is the engine oil cooler on a 1998 econoline van E150?

Where is the engine oil cooler on a 1998 Ford Econoline van E150

How many gallons of gas does a 1993 ford e150 van hold?

My 1992 E150 has a 35 gallon tank so I'm guessing your E150 is the same even though it is only one year newer than mine.

What color is the right turn signal for1995 E150 Where is the EGRvalve in 1995 E150 Where is the nox sensor in 1995 E150?

if 4,6L Color is usually yellow or red egr - under manifold in rear O2 - rear back in axhaust manifold

If fuel gauge is not working on 1987 e150 ford van what do you do?

if fuel gage is not working on a ford e150 van what do you do to find what is wrong and how do you fix it

Does your 98 Ford E150 have full floating or semi floating axles?

semi floating axles on E150. Full floating on E250 and E350

How do you replace the heater core on 1999 ford e150 conversion van?

How do I replace the heater core in a 1999 Ford e150 conversion van

How many catalytic converters in a ford e150 van?

On 2000 & 2002 E150's there are 2 back-to-back converters on each side.

How to remove exhaust heat shield from 2000 E150 the bolts seem frozen?

First soak them with WD40 or any other lubricant oil. Wait at least 6 hrs. Then use the socket/ratchet. You still have the risk of breaking them... but you can try.

What color are the power and ground wires for the stereo in your 91 E150?

hi the ground wires are white the live depends on if its been wired by another but usually black or brown

Where is the aircharge temp sensor located on a 1986 Ford E150 302 with fuel injected engine located Thank you?

It is located on the lower intake manifold on the driver side of the engine. It is close to the front of the engine.

What does the e150 on a van stand for?

it stands for econoline