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If it's anything like the newer cherokee's when you turn on the air you are turning on the air compressor. If there is a problem with the compressor/belt and there is drag on the motor it will cause it to heat up. If this were happening I would think you would see your tach stay high and your engine performance to decline sharply. The air should cycle on and off if fully charged, if it doesn't I would look there first. Check the or the relay to it. Test to see if the fan works (you can straight wire it to the battery for a very short time for operation. If fan checks out ok, locate the fan relay and see if you have power to it when the a/c is on. Cherokees are famous for loose connections in this circuit..............hope this helps, Mike

2006-08-18 21:36:29
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Q: Why does your 1992 Cherokee inline 6-cylinder overheat when the air conditioner is running yet returns to norm temp when you turn it off?
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