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Check the front end bushings, make sure they are not worn out. Check for bent suspension components. Check for out of balance tires. If happens when accelerating only, and when going over 33mph only (like coming out of a school zone) then it's your torque converter that's going out. You need a new one but probably don't want to invest another $600+ in that older car. Add a small bottle of GM "Limited Slip Additive" to your tranny. Might buy you another year with it.


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the gallado does around 202 mph, the mercinago does around 208 mph, the mercinago sv goes around 212 mph, the reventon does around 212 mph but there are only 20 of them and the diablo does around 208 mph

A 1992 Camaro IROC-Z which has a maximum speed of 145 mph, is faster than the 1992 Mustang GT, which has a top speed of 129 mph.

I'm not sure of the 2000, but a 1997 is governed down to about 128 mph.

Cruising speed is around 570 mph. Maximum speed is around 614 mph.

Usually they have a governed limit of 160 kms or 100 mph. Take it off and, well 120 mph or so.

Small exterior differences, Civilian cars gave 120 MPH speedos where the interceptor has 140 MPH, aggressive tuning on the interceptors.

1 kilometer is equal to 0.62137119224 mph. 100 kph is equal to around 62 mph.

As much as 170 mph. But on average around 150 mph.

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A good rule of thumb is to take the mph times itself, ( mph x mph) and then divide by 10 to get the approximate distance in feet to stop any normally maintained vehicle. Individual results vary of course.

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the answer is about up my but and around the corner :p

In the MLL it is 90-105 mph, for college around 80-95 mph.

It's usually on all the time unless you press the button each time you start the car. I think that normally the overdrive kicks in around 45 MPH.

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