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Why does your 1994 mustang gt wipers do not shut off?

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Either the park switch (usually within the windshield wiper motor) is bad, not letting the wiper park, or the intermittent wiper control is bad, not letting it shut off. Another possibility is a bad ground.

2006-08-14 22:30:24
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Lincoln LS wipers will not turn off?

wipers don't shut off and the sunroof opens after turning off car, it a 2002 Lincoln ls

How do you get the 2002 Jeep liberty wiper to go down and stay down?

remove wiper arms from vehicleturn wipers onthen turn wipers offshut off ignitionreplace wiper arms at the down positionthis should be the return position when ever u shut wipers off

Wipers won't shut off?

Maybe you should press the off button? or move the lever to the off position?

Why does my wipers not shut off on my 1994 deville?

If I had to guess, the windshield wiper switch in the car is bad. It think it's located somewhere among the wire harnesses underneath the dash.

Wipers on 99 Saturn sl2 don't shut off?

It's your wiper modular

What would cause the wipers on a 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse not to shut off?

bad switch off the steering column.

Where is the fuel shut off switch in a ford mustang 2005?

where is the fuel shut of valve on a 90 mustang,an what will cause it to shut of sometimes, The fuel shut off switch is located on the panel at the foot of the driver, a little further in than the Pop the Hood lever. it is in an indent in the plastic wall. cant miss it

Why wont the windshield wipers shut off in your 2004 cadillac cts?

because it doesnt work

2004 Chevy pick up wipers will not shut off Only when i shut truck off then they are off until i turn them back on?

the park switch inside the wiper moter has gone bad

Where is fuel shut off on 1989 Ford Mustang?

On a 1989 Ford Mustang : The fuel pump shut off switch ( inertia switch ) is in the trunk / cargo area It is between the tail lights and is covered by an oval shaped rubber " plug "

My windshield wipers on my 2005 Envoy won't shut off Any ideas?

Your switch on your steering column

Utilize won't shut off data at 1994 Fleetwood?

If the Utilize won't shut off data on a 1994 Fleetwood, check to see if your fuel pump is running.

Why do the Windshield wipers not shut off unless I turn the car off on my 2002 Buick Rendezvous?

It may be a bad wiper switch

Windshield wipers will not shut off 1999 Isuzu trooper?

You have to replace a relay switch for the wipers this sholud be found under the hood in the engine compartment fuse box.

1994 Acura Legend Car cranks but when you let go the key it shut off?

1994 Acura Legend Car cranks but when you let go the key it shut off?

Have a 2003 Cadillac cts and the wipers will not shut off What could cause that?

Loose ground or pulse board failure.

Is there a fuel shut off switch for a 1994 Chrysler L.H.S?


Your wipers on your Saturn will not shut off when engine is running but when you turn car off and turn key in the on with not starting you can turn on and off your wipers?

The windshield wiper switch is broken which is located on the windshield wiper motor. You need to replace the whole motor to fix this.

Where is the shut off switch for1998 Ford Mustang?

On a 1998 Ford Mustang : If you mean the fuel pump shut off switch ( inertia switch ) It is in the trunk , behind the trunk liner on the drivers side ( There is an access hole and it is near the left side tail light )

1994 Chevy blazer the key is stuck in the ignition and won't shut off how do we shut off the SUV?

well did this happen to happen to you too!!

Where is the emergency fuel shut off on a 2000 ford mustang?

In the trunk on the left side, behind the panel

How do fix a your windshield wipers so they go back home when you shut they off ram 1500 2000?

Replace the motor.

Location of fuel shut off switch 89 mustang?

Interior of trunk or hatch to the driver's side rear. There is a relay that, if unplugged, will shut off the fuel pump, which is what I assume is being asked.

Where is the fuel shut off on a 2005 mustang?

The fuel pump inertia switch ( shut off switch ) is located in the drivers footwell , by the hood release . It is behind the kick panel , there is an access hole

Where is the PCV valve on a 1994 Ford Mustang?

The PCV on a 1994 Mustang 302 is located on the rear of the lower intake plenum. It fits into a rubber grommet and has a right-angle hose leading off of it.